5 Easy Makeup Looks For When You're Late to Class

It’s the start of the school semester and it can be hard to get back into the school routine. Waking up early for classes is challenging but getting ready can be even more challenging. When I’m late to class, I have the tendency to rush putting on makeup and choosing what to wear. I’m here to help you if you’re in the same boat. Here are five easy makeup looks for when you’ve slept in but still want to look good.


Golden Eyes

This bronze eye look will give you a bold vibe and will bring out the colour of your eyes. Choose your favourite gold or bronze shimmer eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelids and underneath your bottom lashes. Complete the look with some mascara and nude lipstick.

Photo by: Odyssey


Red Lips

Red lipstick is a great way to turn a meh appearance to a great one. With a classic red lipstick and a bronze eyeshadow, this look will show that you slay even when you’re rushing to get to class. First, pick your favourite bold red lipstick and then apply from the center of your lips outward. According to makeup artist Katie Hughes, this technique “will give you a more precise, controlled application”.

Show everyone on campus that you can still pull off a confident, bold look even on your toughest days.

Photo by: Andrew Stinson


Peachy Eyes

If you want to look chic and fresh, these peachy coloured eyes are the way to go! After your post class nap, this coloured monochrome eyeshadow brings out the energy that makeup could bring. Apply a coral shadow (like the shade Coral Punch in the Maybelline Lemonade Craze eyeshadow palette) on the lid from the outer corner toward the inner corner. Take it slightly above the crease then sweep it underneath the bottom lash line. Layer on more shadow if needed for a really concentrated pop of colour. Complete the look with a bold mascara.

Photo by: Andrew Stinson


Fresh Face is the Best Face

This “no-makeup” makeup look with just a hint of a cat eye will amaze your classmates. Accompanied with some concealer, it will give a more energized vibe to your look by eliminating tired and baggy eyes. This is my go-to, especially for early morning classes. It gives me more confidence throughout the day and keeps you looking fresh when you have long school days, so you can go home looking stress free.

Photo by: Andrew Stinson


Perked Up Tired Eyes

Disguise tired looking eyes with a liquid light-reflecting concealer that brightens and lifts the under-eye area. Use this look to hide any wrinkles or dark circles you may have around the eyes. It’ll remove the tiredness in case you’ve been spending long nights studying and doing homework. With the lack of sleep we may all experience this school year, this is a quick look you can use both day and night.


Photo by: Susie Cushner


This new school year is a new and exciting time to slay! I hope these looks give you confidence when you’re getting up early for morning classes and also bring some enlightenment to your long school days.