5 Activities to Do When You're Feeling Anxious

As someone who lives with anxiety, I get really stressed about trying things out of my comfort zone, to the point where my hands start to tremble. However, there are many ways to reduce our anxiety, and I wanted to share a couple activities that you could do if you’re ever feeling anxious.



I am normally not a dancer, but dancing in my room with my headphones on always makes me feel better. Even if I’m sad or feeling anxious, dancing and listening to my favourite songs always makes my day better.

Photo from: Pexels

Watch a Comedy Show or Movie

Laughing is always the best medicine. Go on Netflix and binge watch your favourite funny movie or show.


Go for a Run

Exercising is one good way to reduce stress. The run does not have to be long distance. As long as you’re relaxed and calm after your run, that’s all that matters!

Photo from: Pexels

Soak in a Warm Bath

Having a warm bubble bath has always been my go-to. It can relax the nerves that you may be feeling.


Make Some Comfort Food

Currently my comfort food is pasta. Eating your favourite comfort food always brings warmness to your heart.


Photo from: Pexels

I hope these activities give you a better insight on how to relax when you get nervous or anxious about something. No matter how you feel, there are always way to turn every negative feeling into a positive one. If you have other unique ways to reduce anxiety and stress, share them with us!