Stay Fresh: Summer of Self-Care Must Haves

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Whether it's the end of your first year or your senior year of college, it is important to take care of ourselves. We certainly don’t do it enough during school, with countless fast food runs (because hey, it's 11 PM and I missed dinner, so it is okay, right??), super long nights (that paper is due at 9 AM, if I get it done by 4 AM, I will have at least 6 hours of sleep), to juggling all the work loads we decide to put on ourselves (16 credit hours, sorority presidency, a college sport, etc etc, not a problem!!). Summer is a time to save up money and relax before we enter the next semester, or worse, we start our careers as *gasp* adults, BUM BUM BUM. Whether you’ll be adulting or taking on another year of school, here are some self-care must haves to freshen you up for this coming year! 


1. NEW Carefree® Acti-Fresh® Twist Resist™

Periods can make us collegiettes feel super gross. Oily hair, acne, bloating and cramps, and that constant need to take a shower because its hard not to feel gross!  These panty-liners do just the trick to keep you feeling super fresh with a Twist Resist™ design, which minimizes bunching and features a soft design and “8-hour odor control for all day freshness”. No point in stopping your gym routine because of your flow, use these to go with the flow! 


2. Skintimate Exfoliating Warm Vanilla Sugar + Raspberry Rain Shave Gel

It is the 21st century, so no lady has to shave at this point. Personally though, I like the fresh feeling after I shave my legs. My skin is sensitive though, so they bleed easily if I shave with the wrong razor.

The skintimate razors paired with the raspberry rain shave gel is amazing and I leave the shower refreshed. And nothing like shaving your legs to lounge around the pool, and ultimate source of self care.  The razors come with a vanilla sugar scented handle and 4 smooth blades. The Gel is hydrating and is fomulated with vitamin E and olive butter.

3. Ghost Shampoo + Ghost Conditioner

After a soak in the pool or lounging outside all day, there is nothing better than a nice shower to wash away chlorine, humidity, and dirt. Also that trip to the gym, not a problem! These combos detangle, defrizz, soften and offer more UV protection.



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4. Cica Balm with Bija Seed Oil and Clear it up! Trouble care regimen kit

Facemasks, acne wipes, foundation, however you decide to deal with your skin, adding a more natural and light weight item can maximize your relaxation time. Cica balm is made with Bija Seed Oil and Centella Asiatica Extract, taking a K-beauty approach, gentle on problem areas of the skin. Before or after a nice shower, why not lounge around with a cup of tea or coffee and maybe read a book or browse Instagram?

Two ways to use Cica Balm:

Use it as your moisturizer! Apply an even layer to the entire face. It can also be applied over an acne spot treatment, once it’s dried down.

Use it for targeted care! Apply onto areas of concern and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Pairs well with innisfree's Blemish Care Spot Serum with Bija Seed Oil. After cleansing and toning apply Blemish Care Spot Serum to trouble spots. Give it a few seconds to dry, and follow up with Cica Balm.


5. *NEW* EXTRA® Refreshers gum


We eat better when we get home and we eat even better when we go on vacation. While it is nice to focus on our external self-care, even having a fresh mouth can be very important as you are out and about! Let's be honest, you can’t brush your teeth every minute, but pop a piece of gum in and be calmed by the freshness. This gum can be found at a Walmart near you!

Summer can be fleeting. Remember to enjoy it while you can and practice self care! 


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