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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Our world today is fully immersed in technology, and it can become a little overwhelming. We are all submerged into our phones and computers, taking in every little detail of our social media applications, texting and/or streaming our favorite shows. Most of the time when walking around somewhere, you can spot almost everyone with their heads down looking at a phone screen. It can get to the point that when I am scrolling through Instagram or watching two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in a day, I feel as if I am not truly connected with the world or the people around me.

As the end of the year is rapidly approaching, and our workload is increasing, it can be easy to become distracted with your phone next to you. This time of year is a good way to start disconnecting from the technology world and relaxing before the stress of finals. Turning off your phone, computer and even not watching television for at least a day is a good way to disconnect. Technology can be a distraction from taking care of yourself physically and mentally. I have had days where I have disconnected from the technology world and have spent the day ranging from self-care routines to spending time with family. It was hard to stay away from my phone for an entire day, but there are benefits to unplugging.

So why should you unplug? It has a lot to do with your mental health. Because we scroll through social media too much, we have the habit of comparing ourselves with others. Turning off your phone gives you a chance to be able to focus on yourself. “Too much exposure to technology can cause narcissism”, which can contribute to comparing ourselves with others, according to Kristina Ramos . Giving yourself a break can help attain a positive mental attitude towards yourself and can help lessen your chances of stress and depression. According to Kristine Ramos, an editor from scoopfed.com,

Unplugging can give your body a break. “Being free from technology will give your body a chance to recuperate from excessive technology exposure”, according to Self Development Secrets. This means that your eyes will not feel as strained as they would while looking at a screen, and your neck can be free of hanging low from looking at your phone. It also means physically, too, because your phone isn’t in your hands, going out and giving your body physical exercise is just as beneficial.

Technology distracts us from doing the things that can help our minds work. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, reading a book or maybe even reading a quick chapter or two of that textbook you have been putting off can also be beneficial. Our attention spans have dramatically decreased over time as more technological advances have been put into our hands. Even journaling is a good form of self-care and distraction from your phone.

As much as we all adore technology, disconnecting for a day can help your mind and body. It has become a form of distraction and putting your phone away to destress can help as finals week is quickly approaching! Rest up, rejuvenate and unplug!

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