5 Important Routines to Start Your Year

Although we’re now already a few weeks into the 2018-2019 school year, there is still time to get on top of a couple different opportunities and routines before it starts getting real. Here are some parts of your schedule you should make sure are in order while you still have time to organize your life.

Laundry / Cleaning

Even though this may not seem important in the tsunami of other responsibilities you have, you’d be surprised how filled your laundry basket gets and how gross your bathroom will become if you don’t establish a washing and cleaning routine. A messy room and overflowing dirty clothes will only add more stress to the already stressful experience that is college. Pick a laundry day and a cleaning day. I personally make them the same day; while my clothes are in the laundry, I clean my room and the bathroom.


Exercise is so important for reasons you probably already know. Take advantage of the on-campus workout facilities or enroll in a local gym. Choose days where you will have a solid hour and a half to two hours to work out, shower, and then get on with your day or night. Exercising is a great way to get you energized for the day or help you relax after a long one. Once you have your workout days firmly in your schedule, everything else can just fall into place around them.


This one is honestly a given. Decide how you are going to divvy up your homework each day (or each week if you’re an overachiever) and stay on that rhythm so you don’t fall behind. Once you lose track of your homework routine, it is incredibly difficult to find it again. Of course, this part of your schedule is subject to change depending on how much homework you receive from each of your classes, but keeping it generally consistent is never a bad idea


Luckily, clubs already have assigned times and days, so you won’t have to come up with that part from scratch. Sign up for clubs early on in the semester so you won’t have to worry about awkwardly trying to force them into your schedule later on. Also, choose clubs that meet during times/days you can attend. Getting involved is always a great way to make friends and have new experiences.


Although hanging out with friends is not as fixed as doing homework or your laundry, having an active social life is an important aspect of college life. Make sure you clear out some time to relax with friends on a regular basis!

College is really tough, and it is easy to let the little things get away from you. There are enough unexpected curve balls coming from every way that you don’t need your basics getting you down, too. Conquer this semester and all the rest of them by getting a comfortable, practical schedule down.