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7 Different Fitness Activities to Try Out

Many of us are planning on upping our fitness level this year; but some of us don’t know where to start. We all have different preferences. Some people may be looking for a change in their fitness regime because they’re not seeing results; others may be ready to try something different because they dislike particular kinds of workout. Whatever your situation, here are seven new fitness activities to try out.



This is a very intense and fun workout. You’ll be able to work every part of your body and most of your muscles. Plus, you’ll learn some defense moves that may come in handy someday.


2. Pole Dancing

This is a great workout to build confidence, flexibility and strength. Because it’s mixed with resistance training and cardio. it’s a great way to tone up your muscles while having fun. Plus, it’s good for your mind and soul.


3. Weight Lifting/Strength Training

Not a lot of women weight lift, but it helps those who do to prevent osteoporosis in the future. It’s a great way to enhance your mood, gain muscle without bulking up and burn calories quickly.


4. Pilates

Don’t let the yoga mat fool you — this is a demanding workout that requires balance and concentration. It’s a great way to improve your posture; it strengthens your core and pelvis.


5. Water Aerobics

This is a low-intensity workout that comes in various formats, including yoga, step, kickboxing and Zumba. All of the workouts are performed in shallow water.


6. Zumba

If you’re someone who loves to dance, then this is the perfect workout for you. This workout incorporates a mix of low-intensity and high-intensity moves — it’s a great dance fitness party. It will be a fun challenge to your cardio functions, muscles, balance and flexibility.


7. Get Involved in a Sport

Grab a group of friends and play some basketball, soccer, rugby, volleyball or softball. This is a great way to get in some cardio while having fun with your friends.


These are great workouts you can incorporate into your fitness regime. Hopefully, you will try them out and find one that’s perfect for you.

Cynthia Ubah grew up in Maryland. She is attending University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing International Studies with a certificate in Global Health and East Asian Studies. She hopes to work and live in South Korea for a few years. If you are looking for someone to watch Korean drama with or listen to Kpop, she is your girl. Her interests are God, cooking, hangout with friends, reading books, learning Korean, and fashion. Check out her blog at https://mylifeinthemoments.wixsite.com/mysite .
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