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You’ve Achieved Someone’s Goal: Making Goals Relative

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

While scrolling through social media the other day I realized something: everybody is someone’s goal. In the ever-competitive age of Gen Z, when it seems like there is never enough you can do to set yourself apart in the workplace, we can be led to undervalue our skills and experiences. There is that common train of thought: Sure, I did that, but I haven’t done this and so many others have. You forget that your experiences are valuable, worth recognition and pride. Putting in hard work, time and effort to complete something shouldn’t just be forgotten once the project is over. 

That grade you got. The program you got accepted into. The publication your work is in. Those are all things that someone else thinks about with #goals in their mind. 

I know, personally, I have a tendency to not recognize my efforts when it comes to achieving goals. I’m sure others do too. For example, I’ll receive a grade back and think: good, this meets my expectations. It meets the quality of work I will have to do to get into grad school. Then I move my focus to the next due date. 

We can get so used to thinking of everything on a scale of how it compares to others, we forget to focus on ourselves and the value of our own abilities. 

So, I’m trying to be more mindful of the efforts I put into doing good work, both in school and my daily life. I’ve asked myself what are the things that I am good at, that I don’t take the time to feel good about? 

One thing I am good at is reading every day. It’s a habit that ranges from a news article to an entire book, but a habit nevertheless. To me, this is something that’s normal and simply a part of my life. To others out there, reading every day is only a goal they have yet to achieve. My habit of reading every day is the goal of someone else. There is someone out there that admires what I have done and wants to be able to do the same sort of thing as me. 

Someone out there has goals for something you have already achieved. Someone out there has achieved the goals you currently hold. So, take the time to celebrate your goals, through a smile, a happy dance or whatever you feel like. 

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Holly is a fourth year English student at Western. She's an avid reader and loves a good iced chai-tea latte.
Disha Rawal

Western '21

Disha is a fourth year student pursuing an Honours Specialization in Neuroscience. She has been on Her Campus Western's editorial team for the past two years. This year, she is one of the chapter's Campus Correspondents. In her free time, Disha enjoys journaling, painting and watching Youtube videos.