Why I'm Making New Friends In Fourth Year

Hi, my name is Kylie, and I love making friends. I label myself as a “socially anxious extrovert,” because despite not enjoying engaging in conversation about myself when first meeting new people, I still like to meet them and hear about their lives. This has led to a life of consistently making new friends, while being constantly told that my friends know almost no information about me.

Coming into my fourth year, I told myself and some of my long-term friends that I planned on making no new friends this year. I was met with confusion, and lots of “why?”s. The problem for me was simple, I am from British Columbia, going to school in Ontario, with the plans to move back to British Columbia after finishing my undergraduate program . In my mind, new friends would cause more heartache, the same way trying to date this year would. So, I made a pact with myself: no new friends.

I planned on this decision being slightly difficult at first, as I was beginning a new job this school year that would run throughout the year, and would have me interacting with my colleagues on a daily basis. However, I told myself that I would “become acquaintances but not friends,” with these new work colleagues, as I felt that I already had enough friends from years past.

But this decision didn’t work.

Instead, my work colleagues and I have slowly become friends, and even faster they’ve become lifelong friends. I’ve been surprised by their graciousness, their support and their kindness. I have no doubt that these will people who I will carry in my heart for life, as each one of them has proven that time doesn’t mean anything, but the support that you give in the hardest moments does. 

This year has already proven to be difficult for me as I’ve lost a relationship, a relative and am preparing to enter the “real world” next year. And through every misfortune, I’ve had offers of support, food and a listening ear. I’ve felt some of my lowest this year so far, and I’ve also felt the most loved.

If you are like me and unsure about making friends going into your fourth year because of the challenges that will present once you leave, I leave you with this cheesy meme:

Friendship doesn’t know time, and you may miss out on becoming friends and learning from some of the sweetest people on the planet. Meet new people, say yes to more plans. There’s only one fourth year (hopefully); make sure to do whatever makes you happy.

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