Keeping Cozy and Staying Motivated Through the Fall Semester

          As the air grows crisper and playlists shift from summer bops to eclectic mellow tunes, there seems to be a distinct shift within us too. Autumnal temperatures prompt us to take shelter indoors, shielding our red tinted ears from that brisk breeze making its rounds through campus. Frisbee players and quad study dates have seemingly also been lifted and drawn by this wayward breeze, giving the campus an unspoken hush on our daily trek to class. So how does this affect all of us? The disproportionate relationship between a heavy course load and shorter days leave us feeling overworked and tired. Likely, your first thought when those colder temperatures creep in is how tantalizing the soft covers of your bed coupled with a nice, hot drink seems. Motivation is dwindling and free day-light hours are too. But fret not! This sluggish pull has not solely sunk its grasp into you, and there are ways to combat that ever-present sleepiness.

 Often, it can seem as though the sun is hiding from us. We crawl out of bed greeted by a dusky blue sky and by the time we return to our dorms, the clouds are cast in a dreamy, backlit sunset. It is beautiful, but the ache in our fingertips prevent us from scooping our phone out of our bag to snag a quick picture. The lack of sunlight is not only measured by the absence of warmth on bare skin but chemically as well. Vitamin D is essential to our mental and physical health, without it our bodies succumb to exhaustion and urge us under those thick winter covers. If you find yourself gloomier than cozy in this new chilly setting, taking Vitamin D supplements from your local pharmacy or grocery store can be revolutionary. They simply account for the vitamin D deficit your body experiences due to the lack of sunshine, which should be around 1000 IU a day. However, if vitamins are not your cup of tea, you could eat foods rich in Vitamin D to make up for this loss! This is a bit more difficult for those of us that follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, as much of Vitamin D is found in certain types of fish and shellfish. But, if you are feeling adventurous, look up some recipes for dishes with your friends and try some new foods while fighting off those winter blues.   

Just as important, remember to be patient with yourself. Try not to be discouraged by the lack of motivation you may be feeling. Look around and embrace the coziness fall brings; a good way to get through colder months is by doing things that are best suited to colder weather. Watch spooky movies around Halloween, bake cookies and drink mugs of coffee or hot cocoa with your closest friends- maybe even try out hiking, the picturesque view of bright reds and oranges clinging to trees makes it difficult not to feel grateful for the change of the seasons. Spending time outdoors, bundled up, of course, rejuvenates us and reminds us to appreciate the beauty of everything around us… even if it is a bit chilly.


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