How To Stay Sane During Exams

It’s that time in the quarter when many of us are dealing with our second round of midterms, as if one wasn’t enough. You may be cramming hard, but don’t forget to  

Put yourself first even in the midst of exams. Here are some quick tips to keep put yourself yourself happy and healthy when you’re working your hardest!

1. Make a To-Do list with simple, manageable tasks

Sometimes the best way to start this list is by putting Make your bed at the top. It may seem silly, but by including something small and achievable, you get to cross it off quickly and feel productive. Break down overwhelming tasks like “Study for chem” to things like “Read chapter 9 in chem textbook” and “Review quiz section worksheets.” That way your larger goals seem more manageable, and you can cross things off your list more quickly.

2. Plan something fun for each day of studying

Waking up knowing you have mountains of work waiting for you does not help you to get out of your warm bed. Give yourself something each day to look forward to to keep your spirits up. It can be as simple as buying that latte you always have your eye on or hanging out with a friend for an hour. For me, it’s often a face mask and a fluffy robe while I watch an episode of my favorite Netflix show. Plus, that’s a great way to unwind before bed to get a good night’s sleep.

3. Have a post-finals tradition

My roomie and I go to Cultivate, a restaurant on-campus, after exams. Whether it’s dinner, a movie night, shopping, or a spa day, have a reward for surviving exams! By sharing a tradition with someone else, you remind yourself that you’re not the only one drowning in work. Don’t be afraid to lean on someone else when you get overwhelmed, and motivate each other to get through it so you can celebrate afterwards!

4. Keep things in perspective

One test can feel like a pretty big deal. It can be make or break for your grade that might be important for getting into your major or grad school. Just remember that your path in life doesn’t have to be linear. When one thing doesn’t work out, another will. Some of the most successful people in the world didn’t even go to college or were crummy students. Pretty much everyone else has experienced failure or changed their minds on what they wanted to do. Grades are important, but have faith in yourself that you will end up where is right for you.