Blogilates' Cassey Ho on The "Perfect" Body

YouTube pilates instructor and social media fitness personality, Cassey Ho aka Blogilates, has recently uploaded an inspiring video on what it really means to have the "ideal" body image. The video addresses the topic of body-shaming and cyber-bullying in under three minutes. Cassey is usually outspoken and bubbly in her fitness videos but in this video, titled "The 'Perfect' Body," the fast-talking beauty does not say one word. Along with uplifting instrumental music and several nasty comment bubbles popping up throughout the video, her message to stop bullying and boost self-confidence is loud and clear. Although having low self-confidence and insecurity about one's own body happens more frequently throughout middle-school and high-school, many college women still struggle with these types of issues. This video was simple and short, but it was enough to inspire me to appreciate my body for what it is and to treat it the right way. When Cassey first posted the slimmer photo of herself on her Twitter with the caption, "Finally got my perfect body," I looked at it and knew there was something wrong. Everyone has their own specific body type that suits them perfectly the way they are, and no one should want to have anyone else's body. The best way to get your "perfect" body is to treat it the way you want it to look by eating healthier, staying active, and feeling good about yourself. This video definitely hits the heart because we all know at least one person who struggles with his or her body image. Please take the time to share this video with your friends and tell them that they are beautiful the way they are!