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Adventures with Friends: A College Student’s Guide to Social Activities

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The start of the new year presents another opportunity for friends to catch up and hang out. Additionally, many resolutions also center around being more extroverted and meeting new people. For me, I want to do more activities with people than just grabbing dinner or coffee. I’d rather make memories actively sharing experiences rather than reminiscing about the past, especially as a college student. Thus, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been creating a list of my top things to do with people that aren’t just grabbing food for fun:


This is a lively activity to do with a group of people that’s also budget-friendly. At UW, our Husky Union Building (HUB) offers discounts on the bowling alley that most students don’t take full advantage of. It’s the perfect activity to do with close friends or new acquaintances before or after a casual dinner.

Escape Room

I love escape rooms because it’s such a fun way to challenge yourself logically and is great for people with a competitive side. Each game is also about an hour long, which is great for bonding, and the satisfaction of making it out of the room is unbeatable. Every time my friends and I do an escape room, we talk about our funny experiences inside and they become our little inside jokes.

Top Golf

Top Golf offers various discounts throughout the year and is such a unique experience compared to other golfing games. They offer food inside as well, so people can eat and talk when it’s not their turn. I went recently with two of my friends and our Littles, and it was so fun getting to know each other better in a chill and casual atmosphere.

Cooking and Baking Night

I love cooking and baking with a few of my close friends, as it’s such an intimate activity that always leads to a long night of talking and catching up. This activity is great if you don’t have the energy for a huge night out but still want to do something at home. I’ve made tacos, dumplings, and charcuterie boards that have turned out delicious because of all the love we put into them.

Building Lego Sets

Similar to the cooking night, this is a fun activity to do at home with one or two other people. I usually do this with my sister when I’m back home from college, and it gives us time to catch up or put on a movie we’ve been meaning to watch together. It’s also a great piece of decor to put on your coffee table or a bookshelf because it has a unique backstory behind it that you can tell guests about.

Workout Class

These are a great way to stay active with friends. Some of my favorite workout classes are cycling classes with Soul Cycle. I love waking up early and going to a 7 AM class with a friend, then grabbing coffee as a reward on our way back. Starting the morning off strong gives me the momentum to stay productive throughout the day. It’s hard to stay active and keep a consistent gym routine in college, so workout classes are the perfect way to combine an energizing workout with a solid catch-up with a friend.

Permanent Bracelets

This activity is definitely on the pricier side, but a memory you won’t forget. I got my first permanent bracelet with my roommate a couple of days ago and already, I can’t wait to get more. A permanent friendship bracelet is the perfect activity to celebrate a special occasion with someone you love and a beautiful accessory that lasts forever.

Hopefully, this list gives you ideas of activities to do with friends or acquaintances no matter what the occasion. There’s always something you can do in the area that’s not grabbing dinner, and always an opportunity to make something mundane more extraordinary than it is. At the end of the day, it’s less about what you do and more about who you do it with. With that, take this as an opportunity to reach out to friends you haven’t seen in a while and people you’ve been meaning to reach out to!

Emma Huang

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