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Finding ways to stay calm and collected throughout the semester is a tough thing to do. Especially when finals, papers, projects, and midterms roll around. Although you may not be able to run away from all the stress that you are facing, here are some of my 5 favorite ways to de-stress during the semester!

Journaling is something simple and private that helps me vent my frustrations and problems. It not only helps me vent but I physically write out how I feel and why I feel that way. It helps me process my emotions and figure out what my true problems are. Once I know what's really upsetting me I can find a way to fix it. As a broke college student, journals are relatively inexpensive and even an inexpensive notebook will work. Or for the tech-savvy person, you can keep an online word doc as a journal.

I am a super busy college student as most people are. Some days I run from class to work and come home feeling super fatigued. On days like those, I love taking a nice relaxing bath. For some people, baths seem kind of gross and are kind of weird. But they don't have to be that way! I used to be super skeptical about baths and found them kind of weird. But I learned a few tricks to make them bearable and not utterly boring. When I need a nice bath to de-stress I grab some candles, bath salts, and a good book to help pass time. After, reading in a bath for about a half hour I feel refreshed and relaxed.

Whenever I get really upset I pop in my headphones, lace up my sneakers and run out my emotions. I use my emotions to push myself farther and run just a little longer. If I'm not tired by the time I make it back home, I run another lap. If running isn't your thing, don't sweat it! Even, taking a 10-minute walk can help. Exercising helps release endorphins in your body which in turn can change your mood. It also gives you time to think and reflect about the things that are really stressing you out and sort through them.

I listen to music every day. I couldn't live without it. I pop in my headphones on my way to class and blast my music when I drive from place to place. It's something small that can make a big difference in my mood. When I'm sad, I listen to sad songs. When I'm happy, I listen to happy songs. Sometimes, just listening to my favorite song on repeat can help shift my mood and make me feel better.

When all else fails, my surefire way of feeling better is to call my bestie. I know they're always there for me and can make me feel better in a heartbeat. Just hearing their voice makes me feel calmer. Whether I just need a little chat to take my mind off of things or to vent things out I know I can rely on them for anything. 


Staying calm and releasing stress is super important not only for your emotional health but for your physical health as well. Keeping things bottled up or pushing your emotions aside makes you exhausted. You feel emotionally and physically drained.  By releasing these stressors helps you live a healthy happy life and will get you back on track to work work work!



Ashley is a Senior at the University Wisconsin Milwuakee where she is majoring in Human Rescource Management. She is currently the President for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukees HerCampus chapter. Outside of HerCampus Ashley is PR Manager and brand ambassador for Love Your Melon! She enjoys all the fun volunteering oppurtunities with the kiddos and within her community that Love Your Melon has to offer. During her free time you can find her passing time watching Netflix or diving into a good book.
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