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We are all spiritual beings. Whether you are aware that you are on a spiritual journey does not define your spiritual state but your awareness of it. In fact, life is a spiritual journey. And every journey has a starting point; an awakening. Spirituality is about more than transcending this life. It is about accepting it and understanding that the life you are living now is part of a bigger picture. Whether you are interested in beginning your awakening, have already started it and are looking for tips, or have been practicing spirituality for quite some time and are eager to learn a fellow soul’s secrets, this article is for you. 

Life is fleeting. Everything is impermanent. This truth is preached in all Eastern religions. In fact, the only constant thing about life is inconstancy; the need to change and evolve. Before life fades, let me put you on something: a morning routine that is guaranteed to change your perspective of the world. Remember, these are suggestions, not obligations. It is simply a routine that works for me and implementing even a few of these activities would be beneficial for you, too. 

Wake Up Early

Start by setting an alarm anywhere from 5:30 am to 7:30 am. This allows more waking hours in your day and optimizes the time you can spend in the present moment. The trick with this is to really commit to waking up early. You can’t go to bed the night before with an undecided mind. Set the intention for your day and go for it! (I should also add that you shouldn’t be on your phone for this routine. I personally leave it downstairs so it is not a temptation. However, for those of you who do keep your phone in your room, use it to set an alarm, and place it across the room from your bed. This will force you to get out of bed and turn it off, effectively helping you to wake up).

Make Your Bed

The next step is to make your bed. This makes it less likely for you to jump right back in after you wake up. It also gives you a feeling of productivity; that you’ve accomplished something already, and you’ve only been conscious for 5 minutes! I’ve written another article simply on the benefits of making your bed if you would like to check it out! Here’s the link: Make Your Bed.

Open Your Drapes

Allow the light (even if it is minimal due to the early hour) to greet you through the window. While opening my window, I recite, “Thank you God for another beautiful day on this earth. I am open to all of the good things coming my way.” If you do not believe in God, you can always direct this affirmation at the Universe, Spirit, or whatever higher power you adhere to. If you choose not to believe in a higher power, perhaps just thank the world or even yourself. It’s completely up to you!


When saying affirmations, I like to see myself in the mirror, the meat suit who these positive words are meant for. For clarification, affirmations are phrases said in the present tense as if you already are/have what you desire. Some of my favourites are: “I radiate love and others reflect love back to me,” “What I desire desires me,” “I bring forward the best, the highest, and most loving people, events, and circumstances into my life,” and “I am beautiful inside and out.” Affirmations are key in raising your vibration, and vibrating high is key to attracting your ‘what.’ Lookup The Law of Attraction for more! Another thing I do while looking in the mirror is list 3 things I am grateful for, 3 goals I accomplished the previous day, and 3 goals I want to accomplish today.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

You have been asleep for so long and your body needs water! The night before, have a bottle of water waiting for you when you wake up so your body can get the vital nutrients it needs. 


I then take a moment to rest, reflect, and set the intentions for my day in meditation. Personally, I prefer to meditate at my own pace with frequency music playing in the background; however, for beginners, I highly recommend a guided meditation which can be found on YouTube. The only light comes from the window, and I nestle myself on my bed with a pillow behind my back. I want to quickly debunk a common myth about meditation: you do not have to be sitting pin-straight. The purpose of meditation is to be comfortable, relaxed, and in a blissful state of peace via breathwork. You can choose to focus on your breathing, the frequency music, the rise and fall of your chest or stomach, or if you have your eyes open (which is another common myth that you have to keep them closed), focus on an object, perhaps the flame of a candle. Something I do is hold a crystal in my hand to focus and amplify energy. This can also be something for you to focus on. This allows you to slow down and put everything into perspective, remember what is important, and prepare yourself for your day.


There are multiple different exercises I partake in during the morning. The most obvious being physical activity, aka, working-out. I do a 5-10 minute workout that consists of bridges, crunches, squats, planks, and stretches, which are just the most cliché exercises. I often couple this with either Yoga or Qigong (pronounced chi-gong). I am sure you have heard of Yoga, but if not it is an activity that combines certain bodily positions with breath control and meditation. Qigong, my favourite of the two, is a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control. The difference is that while Yoga focuses more on stretching, Qigong consists of more fluid motions that get the energy flowing in your body. I highly recommend getting Gaia Tv, as both tutorials can be found there, as well as other helpful spiritual content, though YouTube has equally as effective routines!


All of the previous steps can be done in the comfort of your own room, but now it is time to venture out of the door and into the rest of your house. Make yourself a nutritious and bountiful breakfast. I know a lot of people my age tend to skip breakfast, but besides the obvious nutritional value, breakfast can also help set the stage for the rest of your day. It acts as a metaphor by proving to yourself whether you are worthy of taking care of yourself and indulging in the material delicacy of food. My go-to is an egg, over-easy, and two pieces of toast with grape concord jam. It is also optional to shower before you eat!


Now you are ready to not only survive the day but live it, embrace it, and accept it. These tips are not just for those who identify as spiritual, but for anyone who wants the motivation to change their life. Because after all, the only thing we know for certain is that we change. Why not get a grip on it and change internally, instead of letting external factors change you? Have a beautiful and blessed day, and always remember, you are worth the time set aside for you. 

My name is Serafina Piasentin and I'm enrolled in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Windsor. Writing has long since been a passion of mine, and I specialize in fiction and poetry. I have won and been published in numerous short story and poetry contests and have completed a fantasy trilogy. I aspire to be an author and this opportunity with Her Campus allows me to take a step closer to that dream! A bit about me outside of my writing career: I am a lifeguard and I play the piano. I consider myself an ambivert and I love adventures and meeting new people! Feel free to contact me on instagram: @serafinaarose or email me @serafinapiasentin@gmail.com <3 I also have a blog where I post my poems, stories, essays, literary reviews and more! You can find me here: https://serafinaarose.wixsite.com/wordalchemy
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