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5 Killer Cardio Warm-Ups (No Running Involved)


1) Jump Rope

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This one seemed like all fun and games when we were children. We could play double-dutch with our friends for hours without even breaking a sweat! Try 15 minutes of skipping as an adult and tell me you don’t feel the burn.


2) Stationary Biking

Image courtesy of UP Fitness. 

You could go at the same pace for half an hour, or you could try 15 minutes of interval training: short bursts of intense speed at a higher level of difficulty followed by longer periods of rest at a slower, easier pace.


3) Ladder Drills

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Remember doing these in gym class? Give yourself a refresher by checking out variations of hopping in and out of this fitness torture device. After a few minutes of quick-stepping, your heart will be pumping for sure.


4) Burpees

Image coutresy of Ozygen Magazine.

If you’ve managed to avoid this exercise up until now, it’s the classic plank, push-up, squat, jump sequence. Challenge yourself to do as many as physically possible. I dare you.


5) Plyometrics

Image courtesy of Cairo Gyms.

This is basically a fancy word for jumping up and down. Think jump squats and box jumps. The goal is to get explosive movement that looks far easier than it feels.


Get out there and start moving, collegiettes!

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