Expression Impression: Ways We Express Ourselves

Expression comes in many forms, varying from person to person. We asked how we express ourselves, and this is the result:


  1. 1. Communicating

    keyboard journal and a pink rose

    A. Telling Jokes 

    B. Confiding in those close to us 

  2. 2. Writing

    writings on a planner

    A. Journaling 

    B. Bullet Journaling 

    C. Letters

    D. Articles for HCUWB

    E. Poetry


  3. 3. Spending Time In The Kitchen 

    cooking cookies with milk



    C. Cooking


  4. 4. Art

    person painting oranges using watercolor

    A. Mood boards

    B. Painting

    C. Photography

    D. Calligraphy

  5. 5. Self Care 


    A. Makeup

    B. Nail art 

    C. Hairstyles/color

    D. Baths 

    E. Not doing anything, just thinking 

  6. 6. Social Media


    B. Instagram

    C. Twitter

    D. Pinterest

  7. 7. Excersicing 

    woman running up bleacher stairs

    A. Yoga 

    B. Running

  8. 8. Fashion 

    woman walking across the street in the snow

    A. Designing clothes 

    B. Sewing

    C. Shopping

    D. Jewelry

  9. 9. Dancing 

    A. Twerking 

    B. Hip/Hop

    C. Ballet

  10. 10. Music

    Taylor Swift performing

    A. Playing instruments: Ukulele and Guitar 

    B. Overly curated playlists 

    C. SZA

    D. Beyonce 

    E. Curated playlists 

    F. Singing

  11. 11. Body Modifications 

    woman covered in tattoos

    A. Tattoos

    B. Piercings

  12. 12. Community Engagement 

    climate protest

    A. Activism

    B. Using my voice to speak up

These are just a few of the ways the members of the HCUWB chapter express themselves.

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