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As our days get shorter and finals creep up, stress levels are slowly rising and our dose of vitamin D is decreasing. In the midst of all the chaos in our everyday lives, tt can be easy to forget that taking care of our bodies and minds will be the only thing to get through it all. When I was a freshman I felt so stressed that I didn’t have time to take care of myself emotionally or physically. Eventually, I was able to figure out a few things along the way, and so here is what I learned about living well that I want to pass along. 


Spice up your workout routine 


 For me, doing one active thing a day is a game changer. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, but I find that it lifts my mood and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. As much as I love good ole’ Patrick Gymnasium, sometimes it’s refreshing to switch things up. And so, if your wallet allows, and you can find transportation, there are some great areas to workout in the Burlington area. 


1. REV Indoor Cycling


Personally, REV is my favorite. Just about a seven minute drive from campus, they offer cycling classes and fitness/conditioning classes. It’s a super welcoming, supportive atmosphere and they offer both types of classes all day. 


2. Orangetheory Fitness


Cycling isn’t your thing? Orangetheory is basically the same distance as REV, and another great way to get that workout in! They, too, have classes offered throughout the day.


3. Yoga


For something a little more relaxing, yet still getting that activity in, yoga is the answer. Burlington is filled with yoga studios, such as Yoga Vermont, Sangha Studio, and Laughing River Yoga. Go explore, and find which types of yoga work for you! 


4. Patrick Gym


Campus rec has a lot to offer. Not only does UVM have a gym and an indoor track, but you can always get a class pass. Though it does cost money, you have a very wide variety of workout classes to choose from such as LesMills classes like BodyPump and BodyAttack, to Kickboxing, to Pilates. (Personally, my favorite is pilates but a lot of my friends love BodyPump).   


Give yourself time to reflect


We all know that journaling and meditation are beneficial for stress, but it’s always a struggle to actually do it…especially when all you want to do is not think about that exam tomorrow and snuggle up and swipe through instagram. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all well and good, but try and find just five minutes a day, maybe right when you wake up, or right before you go to sleep, to reflect on something good. I try to journal every day, and as hard as it is (and believe me it does not always happen) I always feel so much better afterwards.


 Find a ritual to look forward to 


I have found that every semester I always have something different to look forward to every week. Usually it’s on the weekends. Find something that makes you happy, something that you can look forward to all week as a treat for a job well done. Maybe it’s dinner and a movie on friday night with your friends, or going to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. Maybe it’s going to brunch or cooking it yourself. I found that if I have something nice to look forward to, my week goes by faster and I am more motivated to get my work done. 


Go off campus to study


The library can be a great place to study, but sometimes changing up the scenery is nice, and can be a good reminder that life goes on outside of campus. Downtown is filled with great places to study such as New Moon, Muddy Waters Coffee Shop, and even Burlington Bagel Bakery. I always find that a brisk walk downtown, and finding a cozy spot can boost my mood and lower my stress. 


Although I didn’t go too in depth, these few suggestions have changed my college life drastically. It’s important to remember to treat yourself, and that we need to take care of ourselves if we want to keep working hard and staying motivated. 


     Edited by Julia Golfo

Hi! My name is Hannah and i'm from Maine. I am a sophomore at the University of Vermont with a political science and religion double major on a pre law track! I love making yummy vegan food and working out, especially spin class and pilates. A fun fact about me is that I worked at a marina this summer!
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