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5 Healthy Beach Snacks for Spring Break

With Spring Break coming up next week (wooHOO!!), it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors and relax by the seaside. Beach days are best complimented by delicious snacks and picnics that can be eaten on-the-go so you don’t have to head into town in the middle of all of the fun! Here are 5 simple and healthy snack ideas to pack in your Spring Break Beach bag:

1.     Salad in a cup!
(photo courtesy of pexels.com)

Salads are great and all, but they aren’t exactly the most mobile of snacks. The times I’ve ended up with spinach leaves or dressing all down my top while trying to eat a salad in the car are pretty much countless. This idea changes all of that! Just get a plastic to-go cup and layer up an easy salad.

First layer: your dressing of choice! (Be sure to put dressing on the bottom so you don’t end up with soggy lettuce)

Second layer: any hard vegetables or fruits like apple chunks, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, etc.

Top layer: lettuce, spinach, or any leaf base of your choosing! You can add some raisins or nuts on top as well.

Then, just shake it all up and enjoy it with a plastic fork! Salad on the go no longer has to be a small nightmarish situation!

2.     Fruit Salad (photo courtesy of pixabay.com

Fruit is a healthy and delicious option for the beach because it will keep you energized for running, swimming, digging, tanning, etc. while also being a cool snack that can cool you off. Just mix some pineapple slices, melon, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries in a ziploc or tupperware and add it to your cooler for a sweet and delicious beach treat!

3.     Apples!(photo courtesy of pexels.com)

Apples are a great snack because they come in their own packaging and don’t have to be kept cold! I recommend Pink Lady apples because they are most definitely the superior breed of apples (don’t let the Honeycrisp fandom fool you and trust me on this one!). If you want to spice up your beachy apples, cut them up and dip them in some tupperwared peanut butter!

4.     Pretzels(photo courtesy of pixabay.com

Mini pretzels are an awesome crunchy and salty snack to munch on at the beach. Just buy a big bag and pre-portion into ziplocs for your whole beach crew to enjoy! Just make sure the seagulls don’t get too jealous of your delicious snack…

5.     Cherries(photo courtesy of pexels.com)

Cherries are best enjoyed at the beach because you can totally spit out the pits into a cup with no one judging you for being impolite (probably). You can even have a contest with your friends to see who can spit the pit the farthest! Cherries are just the cherry on top of a perfect spring break.


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