Your New Year's Resolutions Check-In

As we approach the end of January, I made a realization.  My little sticky note in the top corner of my computer?  The one that had all my New Years Resolutions on it?  Yeah, completely forgot about it.  


The first week of January, I was so devout to waking up in the morning, washing my face, heading to the gym, and keeping my phone on silent.  Nowadays? Ehhh, not so much.  


I sat down, and thought about why I fell off the wagon.  Was it because school had started? I mean, yes.  I got busy again.  I had to worry about homework and textbooks and the cute guy that sits two rows in front of me again.  It wasn’t just wake up, gym, avocado toast, repeat.  

But it wasn’t just that, I realized.  I couldn’t blame stopping my resolutions on being busy.  It was that I actively chose to not make my resolutions a priority.  I knew going to the gym would make me feel good, but it suddenly was too much work.  I knew keeping my phone on silent would keep me less distracted, and I would get more stuff done, but here I am scrolling on instagram.  I told myself I would drink less coffee and more water, but what lines the floor of my car?




The idea behind New Year’s Resolutions is so that you don’t live the same year over again.  And I'm not saying to change the big things, but the little ones.  The endless scrolling, the “Oh, I’ll start working out on Monday’s” and the donut binges.  The little things that add up to become the big things; the things you want to change.  New Year’s Resolutions are made for you.  Because you deserve to live life worrying more about the big things, and appreciating the little things.  


So, this is to remind you of those little changes.  This is to remind you of how well you did that first week of January.  This is to remind you that you deserve better, that you deserve to appreciate the little things.  


They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  So, take the time, add the days, and make yourself a priority.