Strangely Soothing Videos for When Sleep Just Won't Come

We’ve all been there — your eyes are so bloodshot it’s alarming, you can’t keep your head up, and you’ve been looking forward to bed since you got out of it this morning. And yet, when you place your head on the pillow — BAM! Wide awake. Well, before setting your bed on fire in a fit of rage, try watching these videos to help send you to snoozeland. 

  1. 1. Breathing

    This video is my first go-to when I can’t sleep. The calming music mixed with the simple breathing exercise rarely fails to help me fall asleep. Just in case it doesn’t work, though, read on for some more suggestions.

  2. 2. Cake Glazing Compilations

    Why is this so mesmerizing? Perhaps science will never know. All I know is that this helps my brain unwind after a long day. A quick hint: if the music bothers you, just put it on silent!

  3. 3. Tattoo Removal

    Okay, admittedly this is probably the weirdest out of all of the suggestions on this list. But hear me out! Just take one look at these videos and tell me you aren’t soothed.

  4. 4. Horse Hoof Trimming

    Okay, maybe this is the weirdest out of all the suggestions. Its soothing properties outweigh the weirdness, though. Just look at all those happy horses trotting in the field with their newly pedicured hooves! Sooothiiing. 

  5. 5. Tiny Animals Falling Asleep

    Maybe all you really need is an example to show you how it’s done. Watch these little critters fall asleep, and soon you’ll follow.

  6. 6. Grass Cutting (With Scythes!)

    Though mowing the lawn might not be the first activity you consider when you want to sleep, think again. Scythes slicing seamlessly, severing stalks of grass is just so soothing. You’re welcome.

  7. 7. Pet Grooming

    One of my favorite things is ‘before’ and ‘after’ transformations. Also, I love pets. So, this is really the best of both worlds. Just look at the little tiny paws! Aren’t you ready to sleep now?

  8. 8. Calligraphy Videos

    Just watch the ink flow in perfect precision. Not a loop out of place — every ‘i’ dotted, every ‘t’ crossed. ‘P’s and ‘q’s definitely minded.  Mmm. Soothing. Zzzz...

  9. 9. Aquarium Landscaping

    There’s just something about seeing the gentle flow and ebb of water, the way the water cradles things to float, that just makes you tired. 

  10. 10. Gravel Zen Gardens

    The amount of effort and calm contemplation that went into making this garden is so calming. Also, the ASMR scratchiness is just so nice to listen to!

Hopefully, with these strangely soothing videos, you’ll slip into slumber seamlessly.