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As a college student, I aspire to have a productive daily routine. I want to go to class, the gym, complete all of my homework, work, and maintain a social life. Although my life can get insanely chaotic, there is one part of the daily routine I never skip, and that is taking my vitamin D. Vitamin D is a nutrient that functions as a hormone. It is produced by the cholesterol in your skin when your skin is exposed to the sun, but your body does not receive adequate Vitamin D from just sunlight (especially during the cold Utah winters). It’s better to get Vitamin D through supplements due to the many factors that can inhibit your body from receiving the vitamin, including but not limited to: sunscreen, pollution, and not spending enough time outdoors. Darker skin also prevents Vitamin D absorption because higher levels of melanin make the vitamin harder to soak up. Although you should probably do research before deciding to take any supplement, here are three reasons why I think everyone should be taking daily doses of Vitamin D.

1) Vitamin D Promotes Stronger Muscles and a Stronger Immune System

Vitamin D can increase strength throughout your body. Since your body is getting an ample amount of the nutrients it requires, it can rejuvenate quicker. Studies suggest that active Vitamin D in your system can optimize muscle mass and strength. In addition, Vitamin D also has really positive impacts on the immune system, leading to a holistically healthy lifestyle. 

2) Vitamin D Promotes Weight Loss

Along with helping your muscles and immune system, Vitamin D can contribute to faster weight loss. In one study, researchers found that people taking Vitamin D lost weight at a faster rate than those who took a placebo. 

3) Vitamin D Can Combat Depressive Episodes

As a college student, I constantly feel overwhelmed. It can sometimes be hard to combat stress or depression on my own. Although Vitamin D has not completely solved my mental health problems, I do notice a big difference in my overall mood (especially during the winter). Since starting to take Vitamin D, I have more energy in the mornings and feel more motivated throughout the day. I also notice that stressful situations don’t impact my mood as much, and I feel happier overall. Vitamin D is proven to help ease depressive episodes and I have definitely noticed these effects.

If you are want to start taking Vitamin D, here are some important tips to remember:

1) It’s recommended that adults take 2000 IU a day, which is the exact dosage of most supplements/gummies. 

2) it’s recommended to take the vitamin in the morning instead of at night, as it usually boosts your energy and can mess up your sleep schedule. 

3) Stay consistent!

Vitamin D has been a total lifesaver for me and has improved so many aspects of my life. Stay strong and stay happy with a daily dose of Vitamin D!

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