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The Instagram Revamp: Putting Wellness at the Forefront

The third and final week of the series, we are ending off with Instagram accounts that add wellness and self care into your feed. We started with color and positivity, then moved to humor, and here we end with a very well rounded group of Instagram accounts to follow. While you may not want to delete your social media, following accounts to make a positive feed can have just as important of an impact!


Like the first article in this series, this Instagram account is going to add a lot of color and positivity into your feed. Their creations are beautiful and encouraging, but as you dig in it is clear that they also are not afraid to talk about real hardships in life. You can find a post the talks about just about any topic that you could want to ask about.


The cutest cartoon people are here, and they want to talk to you about mental health and wellness. This account is full of self care for everyone. Each post has a cute drawing along with the information and topic that they want to talk about for the day. I highly recommend!


This page is not as aesthetically pleasing for your Instagram, but the content that it offers is really incredible. A mix of posts to make you smile, quotes to inspire, or longer posts to spark thoughts about wellness and life. This account is full of videos of cute dogs, a personal draw for me. 


Every post on this account is creating to tell you something about self care. The images are cute and encouraging, talking about loving yourself. They are the perfect daily reminders about how to take care of yourself. 


The most simple and straightforward of them all, Sunny Bloom Inspiration posts an eye catching phrase as their first picture in every post. As you slide through the rest of the pictures in the post you can see more information related to the topic they mentioned at first. This account has a lot of good information for everyone to learn.

Seek out the wellness in your life and give these accounts a follow. After all, self care is for everyone!

Mallory is a sociology major at the University of Utah. She enjoys spending her time catching up on the newest Netflix shows, reading books, or trying to be a little creative.
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