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How to be Confident as an Introvert

It can be difficult to feel confident as an introvert. There seems to be a lot of pressure to always be making new friends and to be more outgoing. As an introvert, I don’t always love going out to parties and making new friends. I don’t always love being outgoing and forcing myself to talk to acquaintances. Even when I’m not feeling particularly social (and there are times when I want to mingle), you can still be confident! It can be hard to feel positively towards yourself when you don’t seem to be meeting a certain standard of ‘college life’, but here are some tips for feeling confident as an introvert, and realizing you are still valued (even if you don’t always want to interact with others).

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1) Respect Your Boundaries, but Push your Limits

No one is going to feel confident if they are outside of their comfort zone all the time. If you don’t want to go out one weekend, don’t go out! Don’t make yourself feel guilty for wanting to take time for yourself; everyone needs a little time to relax. On the other hand, everyone can benefit from stepping out of their box sometimes. Set a goal for yourself and be realistic about expectations. Some examples are: “I’ll talk to someone new in my class once a month”, or “I’ll go out with my friends every other weekend”. By following these steps, you will be honoring yourself but also challenging yourself, both of which result in confidence boosters.

2) Dress the Part

“Feel good, look good,” is a very common but true saying. If you feel pretty, then you’ll act more confident because you aren’t self-conscious about the way you look. Curl your hair, put on a flirty dress, and make your way onto the town! It seems so simple, but it can drastically affect the way you interact with people. 

3) Be a Good Friend First

As an introvert, it can be difficult to spark up a conversation with strangers. You don’t always know what to say, and so you desperately hope that someone will talk to you. I have quickly learned that this is a passive way of life; if you are always waiting on something, things will rarely happen for you. You have to take initiative in your own existence because you are in charge of your life. So, if you want new friends, practice being a good friend! Compliment someone’s shoes, hair, or outfit. Say they have a nice smile or that they have pretty eyes. It may not always result in a full conversation, but at least you are being the change in the world you hope to see. By putting your full effort into every interaction, you can leave situations feeling positive and confident.

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I’ve learned to let go of the pressure to always be outgoing, and I’ve learned to recognize the value in myself. So start implementing these tips into your life, and watch your confidence grow!


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