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Since we’re all still at home, it might be time to give home workouts another go.

Booty Workout

This booty workout is great for when you’re in a time crunch and want an effective and quick butt workout. This video is one of many by popular fitness content creator Chloe Ting who has nearly 18 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. Over time she has posted a wide variety of workout videos. Her workouts typically include exercise alternatives within the videos and overall are geared towards all fitness levels. This specific workout can be done on its own, or with resistance bands to increase effectiveness!

Ab Workout 

If you want to add a staple ab workout to your routine this may be the one for you. Created by Sami Clarke, a health and wellness content creator that shares numerous workout videos, doesn’t disappoint. This workout is definitely not on the easy side but is one that will most definitely help anybody’s progress along. It consists of back-to-back ab exercises that work the whole core.

HIIT Workout 

High-intensity interval training workouts speak for themselves just in the name. Though they can be challenging, you can’t beat the overall effectiveness and calorie burn. Pamela Reif, another fitness content creator has an extensive amount of workout videos. This HIIT workout is well worth it and consists of incremental exercises that are sure to boost your workout routine.

Arms & Upper Body 

For an all-around arm and upper body workout, (also by Chloe Ting,) this workout is a go-to. There are an array of upper back and arm exercises that do require weights but that will certainly take any workout to the next level. Other arm/upper body workouts that require no equipment and that are still super effective and beginner-friendly are also offered on her channel!

Leg Workout 

MadFit is another fitness content creator that posts real-time workout videos in addition to countless fun dance workout ones. This video in particular is ideal for working on toning your legs and booty. As another plus, no equipment is required, except for a resistance band or two for added effectiveness and toning purposes!


If you’re trying to get more into yoga look no further than Yoga With Adrienne’s Youtube channel. Adrienne, (along with her dog Benji in numerous videos,) is an established and experienced yoga instructor with a large following of over 9 million subscribers. A solid introductory video of hers consists of simple stretches and poses that help increase flexibility. Her channel is definitely worth checking out for well-rounded yoga videos!

(All associated Youtube videos mentioned as well as the creators responsible are linked in the text!)

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