The Girl With the Dagger Tattoo

Burning rain touched her morning skin

day after day, who she was 

was who she had always been


trains had crashed and planes had flown

but nothing was as she was told

a break from the past to a road less scattered,

daunting winds of change had patterned 


tales of fairy meant nothing more

and so did hair hit the floor

adjusting the sail she fought the sea

she would stand alone, a warrior of Iceni


in search of far more valuable treasure

she chose to dance and ignore the weather

the tempestuous fog became a mist

with all of her might she made a fist


grasping the dagger she released the bind

not by choice of another anymore

but by her own disenthrallment she could thrive


under no impression would sunshine stay

the knife was held outside its cage

with pride she wore the so called scarlet cape

indefinitely invincible from the burning rain