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6 Reasons Why Pole Dancing is a Body Positive Sport

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

The phrase “pole-dancing” doesn’t always come with a positive connotation. “Oh, you pole dance? Are you a stripper?” That’s what usually comes up in conversations that are about pole dancing. Although I am only seven months into my pole journey, I often find myself justifying to others that I am not a stripper, but that I do the sport because it is fun and a real workout. If you have ever been interested in pole dancing but have had doubts about it, here are 10 reasons why it is one of the best body positive sports!

1.Gender, Age, or Size

Not confident in your own body? Literally, anyone can try pole. Even though it’s a woman-dominated industry, there are plenty of men who pole dance as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your sixties or in your twenties if you have the determination and energy, it is worth a try. People who are skinny or on the curvier side are all welcome to grace the pole.

2. It makes you strong.

Do you hate going to the gym and doing the same things over and over again? Pole strengthens you at the same time while you can have fun on the apparatus. It is a full body workout and doesn’t require you to go to the gym every day. Working out outside of pole will make stronger faster, but it is not necessary. It works out your abs, arms, legs, and butt. It’s the perfect workout if you want that summer body.

3. Don’t want to be sexy? That’s perfectly fine!

Pole dancing doesn’t have to sensual at all. It is a form of dance so you’re free to recreate the apparatus as your own piece of artwork.

4. But, It can be ssexy.

Pole lets women become super intimate with their bodies. It lets you discover what your body is capable of doing. It can even lead to a better sex life. The moves you do can be very arousing for your partner as well. ;)

5. It’s not a race.

Feeling discouraged is a real thing. You see so many others doing better than you and moving up levels even though you started before them. Everyone has their own journey and their own path. It’s really not a competition at all. You’re there to work out and learn some cool moves.

6. Have Fun!

Dancing on the pole is super fun and such a good workout. Don’t judge yourself too hard. Don’t say “I can’t do it.” Instead say, “I can’t do it at the moment, but I will be able to later.” Be confident in your body and you will see things happen that you thought you couldn’t do before.

Pole dancing is an all around awesome sport that everyone should try out, even once. If you’re interested, I’ve linked some amazing pole fitness gyms in Utah.

Onyx Pole and Aerial Fitness: https://www.dancesaltlake.com/

Kairos Pole and Aerial Fitness: http://www.dancekairos.com/

Cirque Asylum: http://cirqueasylum.com/


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