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Self-Care is More Than Just Face Masks

Self-care, according to Psych Central, is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, physical, and emotional health.

When you think of self-care, many of us assume the stereotype that social media has set in place for us: Drinking wine, putting on a face mask, binge-watching Netflix, etc. These activities listed are not necessarily bad for you, but it’s time to step away from the stereotypes and really try things that are going to better you in the long run. As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I stumbled across a post by @honestthriveco that really made me stop and think.


Photo: Twitter @honestthriveco

Each one of those things listed is something that could really benefit my life if I started doing it, and isn’t that the point of self-care? To truly benefit and take care of yourself? Face masks and wine can only take you so far, but waking up early and not rushing will be a habit that I can truly thank myself for years down the road.

I think as women it’s time for us to stop setting the standards so low for ourselves. Let’s push ourselves to see that self-care may be hard in the moment, but it is something that will ultimately take care of our mental, physical, and emotional states long-term. Now, I’m not saying that binge-watching Netflix won’t make you feel better because it probably will. But, I think it’s time we start setting higher goals for each other and make sure we really thrive.

Photo: Twitter @victoria_nanney

It’s 2018, ladies. Let’s make this year great by putting ourselves first in ways you wouldn’t normally think of. Let’s save money for experiences rather than spend it on material items. Let’s be better listeners in our relationships. Let’s workout not only to post it on Instagram but so we can feel good and look good. Let’s show up to places early.

And most importantly let’s continuously nourish our mind, body and soul.

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