How to Start The New Semester off Right

Make a gym schedule and stick to it

Create a gym schedule and put it somewhere you can always see it, like on the fridge or by your door. Make a goal to go on certain days during the week and stick to it. Finding yourself a gym buddy to help keep each other motivated can also help.

Eat healthy

Get into the habit of not skipping meals. Skipping breakfast or lunch because of your classes is a way to start feeling run down. Keep up with fitting in time to eat, and eating healthy! Eating healthy and not feeling hungry will help you stay more focused in your classes.

Stay organized

Keep a cute agenda of your weekly classes and the work you need to accomplish. Also don't forget to buy the supplies and books you need for your classes!

Go to class

Sounds simple enough, but you’re paying to go to these classes and it should be worth it. Get the most out of each class, and do it for you.

Don’t procrastinate

I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but try not to save your work for the last minute. You’ll feel better if it’s not hanging over your head.

Make time for friends

Try to make time for your friends throughout the week and not just on Friday nights. It will make your school week more enjoyable.