You Know You're A Runner When...


1. Ice and foam rolling are your best friend,

The best thing for your body after a long run is “rolling out”, stretching and putting ice on every part of your body possible (even though we never do it).

2. It completely offends you when someone calls you a “jogger”

Jogging is what runners do to warm up

3. You’ve been called crazy a few times for your dedication

We’re great at squeezing in runs in any place, at any time, in any weather. That hour between classes? It’s a perfect time to go for a run. And of course we’ll be out during snowstorms and heat waves.

4. We know that all toenails go to heaven

Every runner has lost a toenail…or 5. Chances are they will grow back looking very different and your feet will never look the same.  

5. You do laundry every other day

Unless you have the money to invest in a whole wardrobe for shorts, tank tops, dri fit long sleeves, sports bras, and leggings you really don’t have any other choice

6. You’re totally hooked on races

I’ve been doing 5Ks forever but I knew that I wanted to start training for longer distances. I told myself the half marathon would be a one time thing just to check it of. But as soon as I crossed the finish line on my first half marathon, I was already excited to start training for my next one.

7. Chaffing

Besides an injury, this is a runners worst fear. If it gets really bad, you can start to bleed and feels like you’re being skinned alive. So, yeah this is why we have our favorite sports bra and shorts because they don’t make us chafe.

8. You’re ALWAYS hungry

Food is fuel so if you see someone with a plate that should be for 3 separate meals, chances are they’re a runner.


9. Speaking of food…

Nothing is worse when you pass a restaurant on your run and you can scent hits you hard (@DHOP) and you seriously contemplate making a quick stop.

10. It puts you in the BEST mood

You don’t understand how most people hate running. Yes, of course we still have our days where we struggle to finish a mile but no matter the day, nothing beats that post-run feeling. That’s what keeps us hooked.