Why I'm Obsessed with Pure Barre

I began taking Pure Barre classes at the beginning of last semester. A Pure Barre had just opened in Portsmouth, NH (which is only about 20 minutes from our campus) and one of my friends roped me into going with her. I always liked to work out and before I started barre I had done various gym workout programs; some that I bought from trainers and some that I made up myself. Barre classes seem to be the recent fad and every gym or studio seems to be offering them lately, but Pure Barre is a little different since it’s a corporate chain, so no matter which studio you go to you know what to expect! Every class starts off with a warm up consisting of arms, planks, and abs. You then move onto a series of thigh exercises, then seat (or butt) exercises with stretching in between. Lastly you finish off with more abs and glue bridge exercises.


I’ve taken classes at two different studios. I stated taking class in Portsmouth since it’s so close to where I grew up and where I go to school. I then moved to the Boston area this past winter for an internship and took class when I was down there, but my heart will always be with Pure Barre Portsmouth.

So you’re probably wondering why I’m obsessed with Pure Barre (PB) – since that’s the title of this article:


  • I love going to PB classes because I don’t have to think about what I’m going to do at the gym.

Whenever I went to the gym I used to wander around for about two hours and try to figure out what machine I wanted to do or what mat exercise I wanted to do next. PB has taken all of that away. I go to class for 50 minutes and have someone telling me exactly what to do with no down time, resulting in an amazing workout.


  • PB constantly challenges me.

I am getting closer and closer to taking 100 PB classes and for some reason it never gets easier. The teachers there are always pushing me to get to the next level and to challenge myself. Sometimes the challenge is staying up for the 90 second plank series without coming down to my knees and sometimes the challenge is going to 20 classes in one month. Either way, class never gets easier and that’s something that I love about PB!


  • The women at PB empower each other.

At PB Portsmouth there is an overwhelming sense of community. Women who don’t know each other have come together, made friends, and welcome newcomers to the class. No one has an attitude that they are better than someone else because everyone is working at their own level. Whether it is your 250th class or your very first class the teachers, the owner, and the clients make sure that you feel welcome. PB Portsmouth has a unique sense of community that I didn’t really see at the other studio I went to, so I am forever grateful for the owner, Anne, and the studio she has created.


  • They offer different types of classes.

PB offers the traditional barre class, which focuses on small movements that really target different muscle groups. There is not a ton of cardio focus in this class, but you will for sure break a sweat. They also offer a class called Empower. This class focuses on bigger movements and you have the option to wear wrist/ankle weights for more of a challenge. This class also offers more opportunity to get in some cardio. Lastly, PB offers different workshops such as a Strength and Balance workshop, holiday themed classes, and a class called Breaking Down the Barre for those who want to work on their technique and ask questions.


  • Classes don’t feel like work or something you have to do, it’s something you want to do!

Going to a PB class never feels like a chore. I am always looking forward to the next class I get to go to. I always feel so strong and am in such a better mood after I get out of a PB class. I usually go earlier in the morning (9:30 is early for me) because I get to start my day with a group of positive women and get ready to take on the rest of my day! I would recommend PB to any of my friends or really anyone, male or female, who wants to be part of an uplifting community while lifting, toning, and burning!


All in all, I have become a PB fanatic. One of my goals before I graduate and start my full time job is to reach the 100 club at PB Portsmouth. I am so glad that I was able to find this community during my senior year of college and I hope that as I move away from New Hampshire I am able to find another PB with the same sense of community. Thank you Anne for creating such a great atmosphere, Hannah for introducing me to PB, all of the teachers that I’ve had throughout my time at PBP, and all of the lovely women who have empowered me in class! I wouldn’t have become obsessed without you guys!

*All pictures courtesy of @PureBarrePortsmouth on Instagram