Ways to Practice Self-Care as a Broke College Student

 Self-care is a growing movement that is hugely beneficial in our modern society. Unfortunately, many companies have caught onto this trend, and have used it to promote products rather than mental health. Bath bombs, face masks, candles, adult coloring books, ice cream, skin care products, and countless other items are things we seem to associate with self-care today. While these items can be fun (and I’ll admit sometimes when I’m feeling down I’ll head to Target and grab some bubble bath to make myself feel better), they by no means necessary for self-care practices. Not only are these products unnecessary, they are also expensive! As college students, it can be difficult to budget for textbooks, let alone face masks. These financial stressors make self-care all the more necessary ~what a conundrum~. Lucky for you, I’m here to give some suggestions of ways to practice self-care for free!

  1. 1. Meditate

    Just taking a deep breathe and contemplating our feelings can sometimes be the best way to practice self-care. You don’t need to go to a fancy class, buy a yoga mat, or get candles to meditate. You can get in touch with your inner thoughts anywhere and at anytime!

  2. 2. Journal

    You don’t need a fancy Kate Spade notebook to journal. You can write down your thoughts and feelings on anything from sticky notes, to scrap paper, to the notes on your phone!

  3. 3. Go on a walk

    Sometimes you just need to get out. Walking helps you to connect with nature, other people, expand your lungs, and is proven to be helpful to mental health (and of course you can walk practically anywhere for free)!

  4. 4. Stretch

    This is good for us physically, and can genuinely help you to feel emotionally better.

  5. 5. Talk to someone

    Talking to a friend can help you to feel connected to the world and feel understood. As humans, we truly need this, and chances are your friend needs someone to talk to as well.

  6. 6. Listen to music

    Making a playlist of slow, chill songs and laying on the floor of your room is sometimes the best way to get in touch with your feelings and it sometimes helps us to dissociate with all of your problems (at least for a little while).

  7. 7. Make a to-do list

    Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by all the things we need to do, we forget what exactly we need to get done. Putting it down on paper or in the notes of your phone can make it seem much more manageable and help you to prioritize your responsibilities.

  8. 8. Clean and organize your room 

    Disorganized rooms can be a huge stressor in our lives, and something as simple as making your bed can give you a sense of accomplishment and help you to relax.

  9. 9. Get rid of things you don't need

    Not only can this be calming, but it can also help you to make easy money!

  10. 10. Read

    You don’t have to buy a $20 book from Barnes and Noble to read. There’s countless books (or fanfic) for free online, you can check out books from the library, borrow books from friends, free newspapers, or you can just read free online articles (I know of a particular online magazine run by aspiring female college writers that’s pretty great).