Five Ways to Gain Confidence at the Gym

Look, we all dread going to the gym and stress over not knowing what the exercises we’re going to do. With just starting to work out daily, I still get nervous going into the gym knowing there are many people better than me. But the way I look at it now is at least I came to the gym. By just taking a study break or even getting off the couch from watching Netflix, working out increases your self-esteem. Here are five ways to gain confidence at the gym.

1. Make A Bomb Playlist

Having a playlist that will hype you up before and while working out will distract you from others and it will bring the focus onto yourself. Usually, I start my playlist with songs to warm up with and then just songs that are upbeat to keep me going during my workout. (Don’t just go to your songs and hit shuffle, because when a sad song comes on it will ruin your vibe!)

2. Have A Set Workout Before Going In

When you have a set workout you won’t be wandering around the gym looking for things to work on. Before going into the gym, simply just look up a five-minute abs warm up on Pinterest and a ton will pop up. Find the right work out for what you want to work on that day. Having a set workout will show others that you actually know what you are doing, so you will not need to seem embarrassed. Knowing how and which equipment to use can also make a big difference.

3. Go With A Friend

Bringing a friend with you to the gym will make things 10 times easier. If things go wrong, at least you have someone else doing it with you. Taking a friend with you to the gym will also motivate you to do better, to maybe finish running that mile. Bounce off each other’s energy and have a good workout!

4. Try Not To Go At Peak Hours

Going to the gym at 5 pm is the WORST. Everyone gets off at work around that time and decides to go to the gym before heading home. It will make things more comfortable for you if you go at a downtime when the gym is less busy. By going to the gym at slower hours of the day, not a lot of people will be there using all the equipment, and it is nice to have a relaxing workout without being rushed.

5. Dress To Impress

Not literally, but put on a cute pair of gym clothes. Feeling good about your outfit will make you gain that confidence and go to the gym. Before you start to workout, buying some gym attire that will build up your self-esteem is key.

So, at the end of the day, go to the gym and get that good work out in. Having confidence at the gym will end with great results.