Tips to Handle Stress and Manage Your Time

Classes are back in session and getting back into the groove of things is already stressful. Between all the events all over campus, classes and assignments, finding time to socialize, work, and even trying to hit the rec, it feels like there’s never enough time!

It can be hard to navigate the college student schedule; there’s always something to do and when you don’t, you feel like something isn’t quite right because you’re never allotted much down time. Don’t fret, we’re all in this together just trying to make it through each semester and graduate without falling apart.

Below are some fun and helpful tips to help manage your time better, relieve some stress in the process, and remind you to take it easy, because we’ll all get through it!

  1. 1. Print out your due dates and put them up on your wall

    Keeping up with your assignments and classes is the most important priority. One of the best ways I’ve found to keep up with assignments is to print out the assignment due dates and put them up on my wall. As each one is completed, I highlight/cross them out and move on to the next.

    On top of that, putting all your due dates in your planner or phone (whatever you use to sort yourself out with) to have all of that info on the go for those late nights in the library.

  2. 2. Plan your life accordingly with your classes

    If you’re trying to get back in shape, find the best way that will fit in your schedule. The rec tends to be busiest from around 3 p.m. till the evening. If you don’t have morning classes, try to go early in the morning so you can get that out of the way with no excuses.

    When planning your work schedule, make sure you don’t overwork yourself and you allot some time to complete your assignments and study. There’s no use in working yourself so much so that you completely stress yourself out from lack of time!

    In that same vein, make sure you give yourself some time to socialize (if that’s your thing). You don’t want to feel isolated and drained from missing out on activities you could be doing or friends you could be seeing.

  3. 3. Meal prepping is your friend!

    Everyone has been talking about the advantages of meal prepping and it really is the best way to save yourself some time and money! There are plenty of recipes and suggestions everywhere you look, just a simple search and you’ll find many different, delicious options. Your body (and wallet) will thank you for it.

  4. 4. Try group exercise at the rec

    Exercise is a great stress reliever. The release of endorphins is great for blowing off steam and even helping to give you a new state of mind if your homework has you stuck on a frustrating problem. It’s also a fun way to meet new people as you navigate your way through yoga, hip hop fitness, cardio kickboxing, or cycling!

  5. 5. Find a creative outlet!

    Doing something expressive is an excellent way to melt the stress away and make you feel accomplished. From cooking and baking, photography, art, even just simply writing in a journal, these activities help get your creative flow going and can help to make you feel calmer and happier.

    Even if you think you’re not a creative person, everyone has something unique and it’s a good change of pace. If you haven’t already found the right activity for you, try a few different types and see what you really click with!

The bottom line is that college has a way of making you feel bogged down by all the work you have to get done and constantly worried about grades and like you aren’t doing enough. It’s easy to feel entirely overwhelmed but remember to take some time for yourself and don’t get lost in schoolwork. Find an outlet and give yourself a break from time to time, because nothing is worse than burning out.

If you find yourself completely beside yourself and like nothing is helping you, don’t be afraid to reach out! From family to friends, don’t keep everything bottles up. It’s only going to wear you out even more.  

Professional help is also a very viable option if you think that would be a better route. CAPS is a great way to help find a better balance and mental health is incredibly important. Don’t push it aside and decide not to deal with it or be embarrassed. CAPS can be reached at (713) 743-5454.

Remember to make the most of this year!