5 Songs to Jumpstart Your Workout

If your workout motivation level is at zero, but a good song can change that then these songs will get you pumped for a great exercise session.

1.Cheap Thrills by SIA.

If you want to feel flawless while feeling the burn this is the song for you!

2. This is what you came for by Calvin Harris ft Rihanna.

Not only is this song catchy, but it will definitely get you in the right mood to workout.

3. Closer by The Chainsmokers.

Just know that this song is TheBomb.com.

4.Ride by Twenty-One Pilots.

There is no need to rush your workout, and this song is perfect to get into the best rhythm of things.


And last but not least *drum roll*

5.Close by Nick Jonas ft Tove Lo.

This is the perfect sauna song. Who doesn’t want to sweat like a gatorade bottle while being serenaded by Nick Jonas.