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The Best Places to Chill on Campus

It is a well-known fact that most popular places to study and meet up with friends are the library, student center south, and the fountains...

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Rafa Farihah

Rafa Farihah can be summed up in one word, awesome. She is friendly, funny and honest. All the reason why HCUH loves her. Double majoring...

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Get Happy, Get a Hobby

Between your parents signing you up and you taking your own interest, you have probably tried so many things in your lifetime. It’s no...

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I was extremely lucky to get roommates who are complete and utter awesomesauce. We are the definition of #RoommateGoals. 1.You are each...

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Denia Gomez

Denia Gomez is filled with pizazz and enthusiasm that she incorporates in her fun content as a writer for Her Campus. This cheerful COOG is...

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Elsa Pair

Not only does Elsa Pair share a name with Disney royalty, but is a fantastic contributor to the Her Campus UH squad. Her articles contain...