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Why You Should Buddy It Up and Sweat It Out

What’s better motivation at the gym than having a buddy to work out with? Nothing.

The beauty of working out with a friend is not only getting to spend time together, but also to be able to push each other harder than you would ever push yourself. While the gym is a fun time for some, others may need that extra motivation to get themselves going. Here’s why you should grab a partner and get sweating and shedding.

1. Motivation

The biggest advantage to working out with a friend is how motivating it can be. If you’re not feeling it one day, your partner is going to be your biggest cheerleader. If they’re not feeling it, you can do the same. Doing this can also trigger your competitive side, which can allow you to push yourself even more. Exercising is mental, so just think: if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

2. Entertainment

The biggest myth when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle is that it’s not fun to diet or exercise, but I would have to disagree. Another thing people don’t realize is that any physical activity can be considered a workout. Don’t feel like lifting one day? Take your normal indoor gym workout outside. Have a one-on-one volleyball match or rollerblade through the park, and you’ve got yourself a fun activity all while getting a good workout in. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

3. Accountability

If you have someone who already planned on going to the gym with you, chances are you won’t back out of your workout. Based on your schedules, plan when and at what time you’ll be going each day and stick to it. By doing this, you’ll find yourself skipping the common excuse of “I’ll go to the gym when I have time.” Let’s be real. When you actually do have the time, you’ll choose Netflix over going to the gym without a friend any day.

4. Spotting

While all of these have been valid reasons to workout with a partner, nothing is more important than safety. This applies especially to beginners. That Instagram video by your favorite fitness model may look like a good idea, but unlike you, they’ve mastered technique behind whatever it is that they may be doing. These exercises are almost always harder than they look, so having a partner to spot you is key. Not only does a spotter give you the confidence to test your limits, but they can also keep an eye on your form to keep you from getting a serious injury.

5. Creativity

Last but not least is the ability to feed off of each other’s workout ideas. If you’ve been doing the same three ab exercises, you are definitely going to be adding more to your list when you team up with a partner. Ever wanted to try a workout class but are too embarrassed to go alone? With a partner, those worries go away. Maybe you’ll even discover your love for yoga, or even boxing, if you just put the shyness away, and give it a shot!

Now that you know why working out with a partner is so great, go ahead and try it out. It’s a great feeling to accomplish a goal, but it’s an even better feeling when you inspire each other in order to get to that goal. Partner up with your mom, bestie or boyfriend, and get sweating!

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