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I Meditated Every Day for a Week, and Here’s What Happened

St. Francis de Sales once said, “Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.” Between potential homesickness, career path indecisiveness and the endless quest for self-discovery, our college years can serve up so much stress. Luckily, ancient practices like meditation exist to help save the day.

I decided to download the free app called “Calm” and used it to meditate every day for seven days. Here’s what happened:

1. I learned how to shut my mind off.

In the beginning, thoughts about my family, future and grades popped into my head and seemed like they wouldn’t go away. As silly and uncomfortable as it may feel initially, if you keep working on it, you will eventually be able to shut your mind off to everything else except the flow of your breath.

2. I feel more connected and in tune with my body.

Pausing everything else except focusing on inner peace can give you more time to self-assess how your body is feeling. In the midst of running from exams to club meetings, it’s so important to take a few moments each day to check on yourself, rather than everyone and everything else.

3. I sleep through the entire night.

Ever since I started meditating before bed, I no longer toss and turn or wake up in the middle of the night. Meditating before bed is great because it helps relax your tense muscles and steady your breathing for a comfortable night’s sleep.

4. I am more connected to my spirituality.

Working on mindfulness has reminded me that there is a much bigger purpose to life than trudging through day-to-day responsibilities being stressed and afraid of what’s ahead. Taking the time to get to know yourself through meditation can completely change your perspective of the world around you.

5. I have stronger self-confidence.

Amongst the non-negotiable commitments like rigorous classwork, it can become very hard to commit to things like our own self care. Proving to myself that I can commit to something, along with hearing positive affirmations repetitively through meditation, has made me feel empowered, in tune with my body, and in control the energy I put out into the universe.

In a matter of seven days, I have learned how to decrease my anxiety, gain self-confidence, sleep better and feel healthier inside and out. Next time you feel like the stress of life is too much, try giving guided meditation a shot. 

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