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Fitness with Finesse: What Type of Athletic Shoe Best Fits You?

Making sure you have the right athletic shoes is crucial to a good workout. Proper shoes not only enhance performance but also prevent injuries, but as with all the options available, knowing what shoes to buy seems to require an advanced degree. Choose the wrong athletic shoes and you could end up with aching heels or throbbing ankles.

To avoid all that and have your feet ready for fitness, follow these fitting facts and discover what athletic shoes are best for you!

Running Shoes: Serious runners and joggers need shoes with more cushioning to soften the impact on their ankles and knees. Running shoes have features designed to provide maximum shock absorption for your foot. Good running shoes should also have strong heel control and be built for forward motion.

Walking Shoes: Walking shoes have specific body mechanics that help equally distribute weight on the foot. These shoes are more flexible through the ball of the foot and have stronger arch support.

Cross Trainers: Cross-training shoes are designed with a large variety of uses in mind. More specifically, cross trainers are for lateral and side-to-side movements. They have flexibility focused in the front of the shoe to allow more agile movement. They allow versatility in exercises, allowing the proper support for activities varying from lunges and aerobics to squats and team sports.

Court Shoes: Court shoes have a solid tread and provide stability in all directions. Court sports require the body to move forward, backward, and side-to-side, meaning they are subjected to heavy abuse. The most important part of good court shoes is the sole.

Now that you know the functions of different running shoes, take this quiz to find your best fit!

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