Fitness with Finesse: Eat This, Not That! UF Edition

We all know that we get out of our bodies what we put in, but sometimes knowing what’s good and what’s bad is not as easy as it sounds! Here are some easy switch-ups you can make in some of our favorite UF eateries. Enjoy!

Starbucks (Reitz Union, the HUB, Little Hall Express, Library West, Levin School of Law, Communicore Building): If we are being honest, I think I spend half of my paycheck at Starbucks alone. It’s my go-to for the perfect pick-me-up, and I can think of no better accessory than a classic red Christmas cup. However, ditching the fraps and indulgent holiday lattes is the right decision for your body by far; escape the extra fat, calories, and sugar by checking out a hip black tea latte, a classic vanilla latte, or a rich cappuccino! (Don’t worry; you’ll still get the red cup!)

Chick-fil-A (the HUB, Sun Terrace Café): Oh Chick-fil-A, every Gator girl’s culinary weakness. I won’t ruin your day and tell you the amount of calories in those absurdly good chicken nuggets, but I will tell you that you should probably save them for a (very) special occasion. You can still get your chicken fix by grabbing one of the delicious salads or wraps — I’m partial to their grilled market salad! Getting a “green” meal also eliminates the side of fries, which I definitely recommend staying away from!

Subway (Reitz Union, Turlington, Rawlings): Many people think Subway is the perfect, no-fail healthy food option, and those people are wrong. Some of your favorite sub choices — Italian, tuna, or anything with the word “melt” in it, for example — are not your friend. Make sure you stick with chicken or cold cuts (or veggie!) and skip out on the cheese in favor of one or two tangy dressings.

Mochi, Yogurtology, and every other froyo place in Gainesville: Stop tempting me with your “premium” flavors and endless toppings. I know that if we are having a girl’s night a la froyo, calories and health are not the first things on our mind, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t make some smart switches! If you can stomach it, go for the sherbet (fruity) flavors, or at least go for the non-fat options. Whatever you do, do not put whole cookies, candy bars, etc. in your bowl. We aren’t hooligans here. Instead, pile on the fruit options and then choose just one or two chocolate items (think dark chocolate chips or mini M&Ms) for the perfect finishing touch.

Make these healthy choices the next time you’re eating around campus and you’ll be on your way to a better feeling you.