Fitness with Finesse: 5 Ways To Do Cardio Right

Oh, cardio. Whether it’s the treadmill, the elliptical, or just the streets of campus, we all dedicate ourselves to the breathless pursuit of calorie burning. Because we all work so hard, let’s do it right the first time. Here are five quick ways to maximize your cardio workout:

1. Prepare 
Cardio is most effective in the morning, but don’t think that means you should skip your preparation! Drink lots of water the night before; remember to stretch; and, don’t forget to eat a light meal before burning major calories. I’m talking eggs, a small bowl of oatmeal, or fruit to keep you going through your workout!

2. Climb mountains. 
Make sure to check out the incline on your treadmill or dare to run up the hills around town (if you can find some). The added resistance that comes from actually work – think about it, the treadmill is already moving forward for you! – is how the major calorie burning really happens! 

3. Pay attention. 
Don’t zone out! Although catching up on Grey’s Anatomy or New Girl is tempting, not focusing on your workout means you aren’t working as hard and your form isn’t as strong. Use McDreamy as a reward for after your workout is finished.

4. Mix it up. 
Run one day. Do Zumba the next. Go rock climbing. A wide variety means you and your muscles stay interested in fitness, and that means more calories burned!

5.     Cool Down
Don’t sit down as soon as the hard work is over. Keep moving while your heart rate returns to normal – you are still burning just as many calories while you recoup!

Keep these tips in mind to reach your very best level of fitness!