7 Truths of Running as Told by Carmelle Kuizon

For Carmelle Kuizon, running goes far beyond just burning calories. It has been a way of self-growth. After completing her first half-marathon in less than two hours, Carmelle has found running as an outlet that improves her quality of life. 

Her Campus UFL sat down with Carmelle to talk about her passion for running. Here are a few benefits of running that she revealed:

1. The runner's high is a real thing.

Carmelle Kuizon (CK): "Running gives me therapeutic endorphins, which are just an extra reward for pushing myself."

2. It tests your limits. 

CK: "Every run is a challenge, but that only enforces the fact that my body and mind are strong enough to push through and keep running."

3. Running is all mind over matter. 

CK: "When my body is getting exhausted, I always turn to my mind to convince myself otherwise." 

4. You learn valuable lessons.

CK: "Running cross country and track in high school gave me invaluable time management skills and a great work ethic that I've been carrying through college."

5. You’ll start loving the challenge. 

CK: "It comes from inner curiosity to see what my body is capable of."

6. Running translates to other aspects of your life. 

CK: "Being exhausted from running translates to being exhausted from studying for an exam - it will eventually be over, and that's why it's important to push through."

7. It’s rewarding.

CK: “Running a half-marathon was super exciting. It felt good to know I had set up a challenge for myself and had completed it by running more than I ever had run before. There was a lot of self-satisfaction in that.”

Photo Credit: Lizzie Dolan