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30 Thoughts You Have at the UCF Gym

1.   Why are there stairs TO the gym? That’s just terrible planning, UCF.

2.   Alright. Cool. My fingerprint didn’t work. As freaking usual.

3.   Can you be patient? I’m going to keep trying until my fingerprint works. Geez.

4.   There. See? I didn’t hold you up very long. 

5.   Yea, real mature. Walk past me rudely.

6.   Dammit. More stairs. 

7.   Ew, is that guy looking at me? Stop staring, creep.

8.   Ok, time to work out. Preferably somewhere away from McCreeperstein.

9.   Ugh, all the good machines are taken. Better just grab some free weights until one opens up.

10.  Wow, I already burned off 3 beers! Too bad I drank too many to count at Pub last night…

11.   Sweet, the leg press is free.

12.   Oops, I accidentally made eye contact with that guy. How awkward…better avoid him from now on. He probably thinks I am a creep now.

13.   What should I eat after this? I have chicken breasts in the fridge, I could make that with some green beans and rice. Wow, I’m so healthy. People could learn something from me.

14.   Or…I could stop by Taco Bell. 

15.   No.  I’m at the gym to commit to fitness and a healthier lifestyle and I’m going to stick to it!

16.   Who am I kidding? I’m getting Taco Bell. I’ve earned it.

17.   It’s only been 30 minutes?


19.   Whew. I’m sweating. Gross. And my legs are baiscally noodles rn. But I have to squeeze in some cardio. 

20.   How do these guys look good while they sweat? I look like I just got trampled by an elephant. Or a whole herd of elephants.

21.   Oh no, there’s that creepy guy again. CREEPER NO CREEPING.

22.   I’m going to go now. He looks like he’s gaining confidence.

23.   Crap. I forgot my locker combination. Was it 13-52-7 or 53-7-12? I hope no one’s watching me, they’ll think I’m trying to break into this locker…

24.   Got it. That could have been embarrassing.

25.   These stairs will be the bane of my existence.  I wonder how many people fall down them after leg day…

26.   I refuse to be a statistic. Legs don’t fail me now!

27.   I hope no one noticed how hard I was struggling to not tumble down these stairs of hell.

28.   I’m going to be so sore tomorrow.

29.   I should cancel all my plans because chances are I won’t be able to walk.

30.   Now to find my car in this maze we call Garage B…


Sarah is a senior journalism major at UCF.  When she's not writing for HerCampus or local campus newspapers, you can probably find her at the gym or binge watching shows on Netflix.  If you think you recognize her, you've probably seen her interviewing students or photographing events around campus.  Sarah is a huge fan of pizza, sharks and dancing in the car even though she is well aware she can't dance.  She often takes off on spur of the moment trips to foreign countries without telling anyone and enjoys a nice accent. Follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter!
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