How to De-Stress During Midterms Season

Ah, midterms. Just the sound of that word can stir deep-rooted anxiety and fear in the hearts of so many college students. This dreaded mid-semester slew of essays or exams can seem overwhelming and nerve-wracking for all students. They often lead to endless study sessions and sleepless nights. Although setting aside time to study is important, hitting the books should definitely be balanced with a normal sleep schedule, socializing, and relaxation. Pulling all-nighters and worrying over a never-ending list of formulas can cause unnecessary stress. With midterm season upon us, it is exceptionally important to take a relax, take a deep breath, and de-stress from cramming. Here are a few ways to reduce stress and take a much-needed rest during one of the most strenuous times of the year:


  1. Go on a Walk: It may sound a bit cliche, but sometimes a small stroll is all you need. As a college student, tests and grades may seem like the most important thing in the entire world. However, taking a walk can clear your head and boost endorphins. Sometimes, you just need to take some time alone, listen to the euphonious sound of chirping birds, and take a break from your responsibilities.

  2. Sleep In/Take a Nap: Late-night cramming can lead to sleep deprivation and extra stress on your body. If you’re getting any less than 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night, then it’s important to catch up on your sleep. That growing pile of homework may seem incredibly important, but mind function decreases if you’re tired. Sometimes, you simply need to take a long nap or sleep in until noon on the weekend in order to recharge your batteries.  

  3. Listen to Some Music: I know you’re usual playlist probably isn’t filled with peaceful music, but choosing to listen to a soothing tune every once in a while can reduce stress. Classical music, in particular, can lower blood pressure, slow down your pulse, and reduce stress hormones. It also increases dopamine, a brain chemical that helps us feel pleasure. There are hundreds of playlists on Spotify for relaxation, so plug in some headphones and de-stress.

  4. Take a Spa Day: It may feel like homework is all you have time for anymore, but it can be really helpful to pamper yourself every once in a while. Set aside one evening for a bubble bath, a pedicure, or a face mask, as relaxation is important to mental health. Your body needs some care, so taking a day to spoil yourself can boost one’s satisfaction and mood. Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself!

  5. Eat A Snack: Stress-eating doesn’t have to be bad. Pick a snack that will fill you up, such as a bit of fruit or a handful of nuts, because nothing is more stressful to the brain than feeling like you’ve run out of nourishment. Keeping your body feeling full and energized can help performance on daily tasks! Even a bit of chocolate can release endorphins, so that Hershey bar hidden in your cupboard can go to good use!