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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Vic chapter.

Are midterms, school and life-stressors getting you down? Sometimes exercise is the last thing on your mind, but making some time for yourself with a quick yoga session can make a world of difference to your wellbeing. 

With this guide, choose the perfect video to slot right into your routine, whenever you like! Namaste yogis and have fun!*

Before sunrise.

Jessica Richburg-20 Minute Morning Yoga Flow.

A gentle flow to practise in the early hours. Wake your body up with kindness by stretching into your side and hips. Gentle spinal movement after lying flat all night should feel fantastic.

After breakfast

Deliciously Ella- 30 Minute Sun Salutation Flow

Beat your Starbucks craving by opting for an energising Vinyasa flow instead. Greet the sun with this practise before moving into some standing postures that will make you feel strong, empowered and ready to tackle any tasks!


Yoga with Kassandra- 10 Minute Morning Full Body Stretch

Just got back from a grueling gym session or run? Top it off with this full-body stretch. The perfect partner after a tough strength-building session. It opens out the chest and gets into those tiny muscles you forgot you had.

On your lunch break.

Yoga with Adriene- Power-yoga break!

Grab your mat for this power routine, and feel some fire in your core with side planks and twists. In less than 20  minutes you can work your abs, glutes and check off a workout from your to-do list. Return to work or school feeling refreshed and lively.

The four o’clock slump.

Yoga with Maria- WFH Yoga Break

Can’t stop checking the clock? Get up and work in this simple five-minute session. Getting your blood flowing will give you the energy injection you need to carry on! You got this.

After dinner.

Cat Meffan- Yoga Flow for Digestion, Detox, Bloating

Fill up your belly, then fill up your soul. This easy flow incorporates twists and poses designed to help you massage your internal organs, and aiding digestion after a heavy meal.

Before bed.

Yoga with Adriene- Gentle, Relaxing Cozy Flow

After a tough day, sometimes we need to regroup and replenish. What better way to practise some self-care than with some calming stretches? Make your way to your mat, grab some blankets and check in with this beautiful routine. You can even do this one in your pyjamas.

*DISCLAIMER: You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. The information provided in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice. With any home workout, please ensure you have adequate space and equipment, stay hydrated and never ignore any warning signs of pain.

Sarah is a 27 year old MA Art History and Visual Studies student at Uvic. She loves writing about art, film and music. When she's not busy blogging or studying she loves to dance, practise yoga, visit galleries and cook yummy vegetarian food!
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