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Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been searching for new ways to implement self-care in my life. Recently, I’ve been learning about the properties of crystals and starting my own crystal collection. Crystals are a great way to find inspiration in everyday life, and they can encourage you to live each day with meaning and intention. They can also be a strong tool to aid with meditation. 

It’s important to note that simply buying crystals will not cause any drastic changes in your life. Work is required to connect with your crystals; part of this can include doing further research into their properties and bonding with them in any way that appeals to you. One popular way to bond with crystals is through meditation, but you can also carry them with you, keep them on your desk, under your pillow, or even wear them on jewelry.

Some people believe that crystals don’t actually have any of their supposed properties and are simply a placebo. There’s no evidence that crystals are inherently healing, but by buying them with intention and taking the time to learn about them, you can use them to create real positive change in your life. Personally, seeing my crystals and working with them reminds me to make healthy changes in my life and work toward the positive energy they promote.

In this way, crystals are an amazing tool for living intentionally and working toward more effective self-care and growth. Plus, they’re really pretty and make great room decor!

If you’re looking for new ways to explore your spirituality or practice self-care, crystals may be for you. There’s a countless number of different crystals, each with their own properties and uses, so I wanted to compile a list of five important crystals that should be in any collection.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is perhaps the most versatile crystal. It can be used as a substitute for any other crystal, so it’s essential in any collection. Clear quartz promotes purity, clarity, and balance. You can use it to clear any chakras, as well as to enhance concentration and promote new perspectives. Clear quartz also draws negative energy away.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known for promoting love, especially self-love. Because crystals are often used in order to explore the self and to enhance spiritual growth, rose quartz is an important stone for beginners. It enhances feelings of acceptance, confidence, and inner peace. Rose quartz is also associated with feminine energy, which makes it one of my favorites.


Amethyst is a grounding and protective stone that can relieve stress and anxiety. Because of its calming properties, it’s an incredibly useful crystal to have in your collection, especially for self-care purposes. In addition to dispelling negativity, amethyst is also known to increase intuition and spiritual awareness, as well as aid in providing quality rest.

Black Tourmaline

Similar to amethyst, black tourmaline is a protective stone. It’s primarily used to repel negative energy and promote stability; this stone is said to protect you from anything that brings negativity. Black tourmaline is also commonly used during meditation, as it can promote spiritual calm by converting negative energy into positive energy.


Selenite is one of my favorite crystals. It’s used for clearing negative energy, as well as promoting tranquility and protection. However, in addition to having its own powerful properties, selenite can be used to cleanse every other crystal – working with crystals can cause them to absorb negative energy, which then needs to be cleansed. This can be done by simply placing them on selenite. 

Crystals can be cleansed in many different ways, but using selenite is extremely efficient, since it can be used for any stone. Some crystals should not be placed in water or direct sunlight, which are other methods of cleansing, making selenite a useful universal alternative.

I typically buy my crystals from local stores such as East Meets West, so I can personally pick them out. I also like to buy crystals online to support small businesses. There are so many independent shops and sellers on Etsy, and you can even come across some great finds on Mercari. In the past few months, I’ve also spotted crystal sets in stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, which can be more affordable alternatives.

Even if you’re not personally interested in crystals, they could also be a great gift for friends. With the holidays approaching  after a year filled with so much negative energy, many people could use some positivity. Adding a few crystals to a gift bag for your friends could be the perfect way to spread some love, especially if you know they need it.

Emily is currently a Senior at the University of Pennsylvania. She's majoring in Sociology and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. She loves concerts and crystals, and spends most of her time listening to music or rewatching the same 5 movies she's loved since high school.
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