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The end of the semester is near along with the upcoming stresses of studying for finals. Most of us have no idea how to relax after hours of studying. We believe that in order to get good grades, studying should trump everything else in our lives — including having time for ourselves. However, that is the wrong way to think about exams. Instead, we should take time to do a little self-care including:

Maintaining a Stable Sleeping Schedule

This is probably the most important item on this list. Sleeping might seem like a chore; it means we have to give up time to not do anything. However, it helps us reenergize and gives us down time to clear our minds when we wake up.

Coloring Books!

Buy some coloring books. Coloring can be a helpful and creative way to destress. You can go as aggressive or as easy as you’d like on your drawings. Either way, taking time to express yourself artistically is a great source of stress relief for those who find joy in the childhood activity of coloring.

Go for a Walk

When you need a breath of fresh air from staying indoors or from sitting down for too long, going out and taking a walk can be a great way to clear your mind. This is an activity for those of you who are dead tired from writing so much that your hands become numb. By just going outside and taking a walk, your mind and your body can be refreshed.

Eat Your Favorite Food!

Sometimes just sitting down and having one of your favorite meals can help with having positive feelings during your studying sessions. Maybe it’s ice cream, chocolate, spaghetti, or pizza – any food that just seems to make your day a little brighter.


Lastly, take some time to do some meditation. Practice some breathing techniques: breath in, breath out. Use this time to just let go of all the stress and pain from studying. Light some candles, sit down, and play some peaceful music. After a mediation session, you will become more relaxed and focused on your studies.

Everyone has different ways of relaxing; however, hopefully these will give you starters as you finish exam season. Good luck on finals!

Michelle is an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania'22. She is planning to major in Biology as a Pre-Med. Her favorite hobbies include drinking tea, taking terrible pics, and trying to find the next best TV show to watch.
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