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4 Workout Programs You’ll Actually Stick With

I’ll be the first to admit that working out (or really movement of any sort) has not been at the top of my priority list lately.

Let’s be real; it’s fallen off the list completely. 

… okay, I lied. I don’t even have a list. 

However, now that finals are coming to a close and the holiday season is almost in full swing, what better way to kick off break than with a commitment to my health? You might be thinking, “Yeah right, I’ve heard that one before,” but this time, I’m serious! I know committing to a daily or even somewhat regular exercise routine is easier said than done, and it can seem like an unattainable goal that you forget about a week in, but this time will be different. 

Forget about those hour-long, highly intense, cardio-heavy gym sessions you dread, and focus on engaging in a daily practice instead – even if that means only five to ten minutes of movement a day. The two most important things for getting back in the game are consistency and accountability. It’s not always about carving out a whole hour, going to the gym, and sweating your heart out – instead, it’s about dedicating time to yourself everyday and being held accountable for doing so. 

It can be a simple, ten-minute routine. The important part is that you use the time to mentally align yourself and create a more positive energy for your day. I have discovered a variety of brilliant fitness instructors, platforms, and routines that are not only simple to do in just 15 minutes on your iPhone, but will have you running back to your mat the next day – trust me!

Melissa Wood Health

I can confidently say that Melissa Wood has personally helped me shift my perspective and live in a more balanced and aligned way. As for her workouts, I love starting with a 20-minute yoga/pilates flow and ending with a ten-minute meditation. She has an endless number of videos, from ten-minute abs to 45-minute yoga flows. 

Wood’s membership begins with a seven-day free trial and is only $9.99 per month – and once you start, you’ll think that’s a steal! I definitely recommend this practice to anyone who enjoys slower and (seemingly) subtler exercises where you still definitely feel the burn. Wood’s mission is about helping people develop better relationships with themselves through her practice, not just in terms of body image, but emotionally and mentally as well. After dealing with difficult personal struggles herself, Wood realized that, in order to shift her overall mindset in life, it was integral to dedicate at least ten minutes a day to herself. 

Wood created the MWH Method, which includes specifically targeted low-impact movements in order to develop, as she says, “beautiful, long, lean lines,” as well as a more positive and loving relationship with yourself. She preaches, “I’m here to guide you to a place of loving and accepting yourself, exactly as you are. I believe acceptance is where true transformation begins.”

The Sculpt Society 

The Sculpt Society is an acclaimed dance cardio and sculpting workout program started by Megan Roup. Roup’s workouts include dance cardio and pilates-type sculpting moves to challenge you while also being actually fun – a foreign concept to me. Most of the videos only require your own body weight, with optional light hand weights, sliders, and resistance bands – an extra emphasis on “optional,” since I’m usually dripping with sweat by the end without any weights. The two available subscriptions are a 14-day free trial with a $19.99 monthly plan or a $119 annual plan (with 50% off discounts for the holidays.) 

Roup discusses her personal fitness journey as one of forced gym sessions and frequent feelings of shame about her body, until she discovered dance-based fitness and started her own platform to inspire other women to join the community. Her motto, “Create a long, lean, strong body while having fun!” could not be more accurate, and I highly encourage you to check out the free trial!

CorePower Yoga On Demand

I’ve always been one for fitness classes, because they motivate and push me in a way that I struggle to do on my own. CorePower Yoga used to be my favorite go-to workout spot pre-COVID, but luckily for me they have an online platform with access to over 300 classes to choose from.

I started getting into yoga because it was a simple, relaxing, and non-strenuous method of exercise that I found myself wanting to do, rather than feeling forced to do. The subscription is $19.99 per month with access to hundreds of yoga, sculpting, and meditation videos, ranging from five minutes to an hour. Dim the lights, light a candle, roll out your mat, and get started with it right from your own bedroom!

This will be a game changer for your mood. On top of that, it’s easily accessible on your computer or phone; as they put it, “Yoga whenever, wherever!”

Pamela Reif 

Pamela Reif began her journey as a German social media influencer and evolved her brand to become an internationally loved fitness and lifestyle guru. I actually discovered her by searching for quick ten-minute videos on YouTube as a way of finding alternatives to pricey classes. I continuously went back to her channel to squeeze quick workouts into my days, mostly because her videos are unlike others I’ve done before. She has upbeat, motivating music and brings a fun and inspiring attitude to her videos...not to mention her killer – and I mean killer – moves!

Reif has written a cookbook, founded a natural, organic snack company, and was featured in Forbes’s 2019 30 Under 30 List. It’s safe to say that she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to exercise and overall fitness. Try one of her FREE workouts on YouTube and you won’t be complaining...unless it’s from muscle soreness, because I can almost guarantee that. 

Although working out can often seem like a chore, these workouts are meant to help you become your best and most confident self. These four amazing programs have really helped me get back on track in my fitness journey by giving me a space to improve my mental wellbeing more than anything. My resulting stronger body is just the icing on the cake!

Carly is a senior in the College majoring in PPE and minoring in Consumer Psychology. When she's not cackling at old Vines, she is probably binge watching YouTube videos and treating herself to a relaxing self-care routine. She is an astrology and Sudoku enthusiast and loves reading in her spare time...if that's what her horoscope is telling her to do.
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