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Meditation for Dummies

Distracting yourself from distractions seems like a bit of an oxymoron doesn’t it?



The practice of meditation is meant to train your mind into a more calm and focused thinking pattern. Rather than working out your body, try starting with your brain. De-cluttering your thoughts is a great way to start de-stressing. In order to practice this myself, I have used and reviewed these meditation apps perfect for both beginners and pros!

The Mindfulness Newbie

  1. Calm 

This app is a great introduction for anyone who is looking for an easy way to gain some relaxation time. It features audio mediation and visual sessions, some guided, some not that vary in lengths of time. There are varieties of different programming to find what you’re looking for, this app has music, meditation and sleep guides. My favourite features are the 7 Days of Calm and the Breathe Bubble.



This app allows you to build a profile, so you can track your progress with the programs that you have used/liked.

Coolest Features:

  • Breathe Bubble
  • Calm Focus, Calm Relax and Calm Sleep music
  • Sleep Stories

The Polished Meditator

2. Smiling Mind 


Smiling Mind is a similar application that allows you create your own profile where you can track your progress. The programs are all designed for different ages, settings and topics such as “Digital Detox”, and “Workplace”. This app is perfect for someone looking to complete audio mindfulness lessons. Before and after each session the app allows you to rate your own “happiness”, contentment” and level of “focus”. It places more of an emphasis on checking in with yourself before and after the practice. 



Coolest Features:

  • Designed using audio, videos and activities
  • Perfect for all ages

These apps are great for anyone with a busy life. I like to complete my sessions on the bus on my way to school, or to help myself focus before working on an assignment. I often feel like I have too much on the go to have time to sit down and really relax, but downloading one of these apps makes it easy!



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