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3 Things You Can Do To De-Stress Before Exams

It’s that time of year again: exam season is almost upon us. It’s always around this time of the year where I pretty much tell my friends "Good bye, see you in April because the next month will be dedicated to resuscitating whatever is left of my CGPA." But hold on; before you buckle in for the study grind, bury yourself in your books, and bid adieu to your social life, how about one last well deserved break? When it’s exam season, the stress levels spike and sometimes the most you can do is desperately drag yourself to the finish line, CGPA be damned. At times like these, it’s nice to take a few steps back, inhale, exhale and do something nice for yourself. Before you start having to worry about term papers, exams, all nighters and the like, here are three things you can do to de-stress and clear your head before you jump into exams full-force!

1. Go to a local coffeehouse with your girls

Come exam season we students will be flocking to the campus stores ready to down one double double after the other, hoping that the caffeine kick will be enough to keep us going through the all-nighters. We’re students which means we're broke and aren’t exactly rolling around in disposable income, so we’re easily satisfied with a $2 cup of coffee. Ottawa is littered with plenty of local bakeries, pastry shops and coffehouses, so it would be a shame if we didn't check them out every now and again. Skip the fast-food chains and try someplace like Oh So Good, which is hands down my favourite coffeehouse in Ottawa! A couple of friends and I went out for dinner to celebrate another friends' birthday and after a night out we stumbled on this place and we discovered that a) their cheesecakes are the best cheesecakes you'll ever have in your life and b) the cozy, warm environment made us want to stay there all night. Gather your girlfriends and pick a date because catching up over tea and cheesecake might just be the best antidote to pre-exam anxiety!

2. Enlist a gym buddy

I can’t stress how great the gym is for de-stressing. It’s nice to go by yourself, but it’s always more fun going with a friend. This time of year you might feel bogged down and like you really don't have the time to go, but even if it's once a week, trust me it'll make you feel better. If signing up for your local gym is too much of a commitment, find out what their drop in rate or monthly rate is. The drop in rate at most city gyms is 6.50, but if you really can’t justify spending money on the gym because you're a student and #brokelife is really just your reality at the moment, well, it’s spring now so you and your gym buddy can always go out for a run or walk!

3. Netflix and Wine Night

Basically, treat yo self. Sometimes you need some me time. Friends are great, going out is great, and socialising is great, but every now and then you just need a break from people. Go down to the nearest LCBO, buy the cheapest bottle of wine you can find, go home, curl up under your favourite blanket, turn on a Netflix flick, and have a night-in in by yourself. Unwind and enjoy!


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