Kick Into High Gear With Kickboxing

Kick your way out of your boring workout routine of mindlessly running on the treadmill, and try out a new and exciting way of burning hella calories through kickboxing! This high-energy workout puts your whole body through the ringer—literally! It contains a combination of movements used in karate and boxing—and a lot of sweat. We've broken down a few benefits of kickboxing for you. 


Since kickboxing is a full body workout, it engages all muscle groups of your body. It tones and works the upper-body through intense movements of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. It then works the the lower-body through fast pace movements of knee strikes, roundhouse kicks, front kicks, side kicks and back kicks.


Your heart rate will go up if you are punching and kicking a pad or a boxing bag for half or full hour, which will increase your heart rate and blood circulation throughout your entire body. Increased heart circulation is important for your health because it sends oxygen to your brain and makes your heart stronger.  


Expect that unwanted fat to melt off! This is a fat buring workout that can burn around 350-450 calories or more for an hour kickboxing workout. While no workout can guarentee results in an instant, if you incorpoate kickboxing into your weekly rorkout routine, you will gradually see some awesome results. 


When kickboxing, you will learn the techniques and become a pro at punching and kicking. These are useful moves to know in order to defend yourself if you are ever in a dangerous situation, which is super empowering!

Stress Relief

As college students, we need to de-stress. Kickboxing is a great way to release daily stress we encounter, whether it is from classes, jobs, finals, papers…the punching bag is a safe and healthy way to let it all out.

Interested in trying kickboxing? Here are some places to check out to go kick some ass around Iowa City: The Rec9 Round Coralville and TITLE Boxing.


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